WALHI slutting around with Islamic groups?

Reader Remondo11 keeps posting comments in this blog protesting that Unspun has been unfair to WALHI. He says WALHI is chaste and does not sleep with shady religious groups with questionable  links to extremists.

Yet in the posting below Newmont Indonesia boss Rick Ness seems to have some rather solid proof that WALHI might be sleeping around with groups of questionable credentials.

Rick’s comments in his son’s blog:

Take a look at this flyer [attachment 1] that was passed out on 19 July 2007 at the South Jakarta District Court during the session of the ongoing civil case between WALHI and Newmont Minahasa Raya. The flyer in poster size form was also held up in front of the court by protestors. As you can see the flyer is a joint statement from WALHI and Forum Umat Islam…

…The WALHI – Forum Umat Islam demonstration was covered by the national media the following day. I have attached photographs from two Indonesian newspapers [ Kontran – Attachment 2 and Republica – Attachment 3] for your reference and one photo from the web [link – okezone.com ] which clearly state the coalition of WALHI and MMI [attachment 4].

What is the truth here? And why does WALHI or their sponsors Friends of the Earth not address such questions that threaten their credibility?

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