Roy the Boy Strikes Again!

Our boy Roy is at it again. The very, very Talented Mr Roy is now an expert on verifying dirty pictures. The man is sooooo talented.Treespotter, who’s now back in Jakarta after gallivanting around Asia, pays homage to Roy the Boy below:

clipped from

on Roy Soeryo and Elvis


The Honorable RDBMS Roy HTML Soeryo, M.Sc. PRt. XML
Photos of the Pop Top Dhani of the rock band Dewa frolicking with Mulan Kwok are surfacing on the Internet. Multimedia expert, Mr. Roy Soeryo was quick to point out that the pictures were indeed real and made predictions that other, more provocative pictures would soon be found. Mr. Soeryo was subtly suggesting that these private pictures were most probably being released intentionally by ‘parties of interests’.
This revelation was the last in a long series of previous revelations that Mr. Soeryo have preferred in the past. Most recently, Roy have positively certified the authenticity of similar pictures from the model Davina.

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6 thoughts on “Roy the Boy Strikes Again!

  1. I wonder what kind of vision that he has. What are his techniques to spot fakes in dirty movies? … but then again.. why dirty movies???

    Sex pays apparently, even the Roy Soeryo himself makes money from it (sort of)


  2. quoted from his own statement on one gossip show (translated):

    “The picture you (journalists) showed me is Davina. I searched just now, and it turns out that I already have it. I just wasn’t sure what’s the girl’s name was.”

    apparently he loves collecting naked pictures. watch out peeps.



  3. As long as no one from the photography community or a real digital imaging expert or the IT community (who seem to object most to Roy’s expertitis) come out and make themselves available to the media, the press will still go to him for ‘expert opinion’.


  4. @Jennie

    I can think of at least 3 logical reason

    1. Cool Mustache
    Beard is just a trend. Other trend will come and replace the beard. Other people have the right to own a cellphone, an email, a blog, or a beard. He HAS the right to chose for mustache.

    2. Magical Ability
    68% of the millions of people that write a blog wears glasses.

    3. Roy Suryo™
    A name that got 322.000 hits on Google, 479.000 hits on Yahoo, 82.200 on Answer and growing.


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