Supreme Court logic

Sometimes you have to wonder if something is lost in translation or that there is something seriously wrong with the powers of reasoning in this town.

In The Jakarta Post’s front page story today (not clipped because the webmaster at the Post is either asleep or having a nookie and forgot to update the website from yesterday) headlined Time ordered to pay Suharto Rp1 trillion Supreme Court spokesman Nurhad was quoted as saying that Time was penalized because – get this – the article was “considered inappropriate, far from decent and careless, so it is considered against the law on defamation, and against the honor of the plaintiff who is a military general, retired and former Indonesian president.”

Duh! Time, which wrote a story on Suharto’s allegedly stashed millions all over the world was guilty because its article was inappropriate and far from decent? And for that, it is against the law on defamation? One can only wonder what clause Nurhadi was referring to.

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