Malaysians, pay attention

Well said by Malaysia’s man in Jakarta.Those of us who deal with Indonesians day in and out and whose experiences are not confined to the Indonesian maid or construction worker can attest that Indonesians are generally a cool crowd, often cooler than many Malaysians.

They have little religious or racial hangups and many of them are as cosmpolitian and sophisticated as they come. So take Datuk Zainal’s words to heart, brothers and sisters, and make nice with our neighbors.

MALAYSIANS must get rid of the negative stereotype against Indonesians, especially perceiving them as only “good for menial jobs”.

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One thought on “Malaysians, pay attention

  1. I think a lot of Indonesians need to do the same ;-P

    Which takes me to my age old question of WTH (Why The Hell) are Indonesians and Malaysians so against each other???? What idiot started this???? (When wars ensue theres always an idiot in the middle–recently for the middle east it was an American)


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