Mystery of Malaysian Tourism Board’s PR agency solved?

Fans of Tengku Adnan and the Malaysian Tourism Board would doubtless have spent the past few months wondering which PR agency it appointed in Indonesia. Die hand fans may even remember that the Malaysian Tourism Board in Jakarta back in March this year took out an advertisement asking PR agencies to bid for the privilege of taking care of the board’s, er, challenging image.

The advertisement came and went and Unspun understands that a few well-known PR firms like Ogilvy were pitching for the business. Then there was absolute silence. Nobody in town seemed to know if they had appointed any PR agency. None of the big names won the contract. Neither did any of the smaller names that one hears of in the industry. So who could it b. It was a mystery all right.
Until recently that is. Mediacare is a mailing list of media practitioners in Indonesia and one of the postings on this list goes like this:

From: Andi Tirtasasmita
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007 9:12 AM
Subject: Undangan untuk Bpk. Budiman Bachtiar

Yth Bapak/Ibu dari Mediacare,

Saya Andi dari Titik Communication, salah satu klien kami adalah Malaysia Tourism Board dan membaca berita tersebut kami langsung segera konfirmasikan kepada pihak MTB dan Kedubes. Berkaitan dengan hal tersebut kami ingin bertemu dengan Bpk. Budiman Bachtiar, apabila tidak keberatan bisa kami minta alamat beliau?. Karena sesuai dengan pembicaraan dengan pihak MTB dan Dubes Malaysia untuk Indonesia beliau berkeinginan untuk mengundang dan bertemu dengan Bpk. Budiman Bachtiar secara pribadi.

Mudah-mudahan kami bisa mendapatkan informasi tersebut dari Bapak/Ibu, untuk memudahkan selain e-mail saya bisa dihubungi di HP: 0818 934799 atau telepon kantor di 391 0055.

Terima kasih atas bantuan dan kerjasamanya.

Titik Communication

So now mystery seems to e solved of whom the MTB appointed. But who is Titik Communication? Nobody seems to know. And Titik does not seem to have a website, or at least one that Unspun could not find.

But some Googling of “Titik Communication”, “Titik Strategi Marketing Communication” and “Andi Tirtasasmita” (his e-mail to Mediacare has a Yahoo address, no company domain name) leads one to interesting sites such as here, here and here.

Unspun is at a loss of what to make of such information. But nice to know that they have professionals taking care of the MTB and the country’s image.

4 thoughts on “Mystery of Malaysian Tourism Board’s PR agency solved?

  1. you don’t know titik? where the hell have you been? titik is partly owned by one of the sons of ri’s executive number two.

    for some reasons, the founder(s) of the firm is so fond of anything associated with titik. therefore they also have other busines entities called noktah strategic partner and noktah kawana resort.

    for some reasons as well, even titik’s president also uses a yahoo address.

    the rest….go and find it out yourself boss!


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