The wisdom of society rags

Unlike the unkind, Unspun is not snoooty and sneer at society magazines as vacuous watch catalogues padded with shallow articles and pictures of the great, the good, the washed  and the beautiful.

Unspun thinks that if we look hard enough we can find meaningful messages and great insights between the clothes, handbags, shoes and watch advertisements that mortals like us cannot afford.

Take for example the latest edition of Registry Indonesia, now on to its 7th issue and turn to the publisher’s message. The publisher and editor-in-chief is Setiawan Sudjie and his message to his readers this month is an erudite exposition of Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs:setiwan.jpg

“Life has been believed to be evolved billions of years years ago from infinitesimal forms of utter simplicity developing into incomprehensible structures of sophistication. Existences depended on rudimentary designs on plain food and clothing transforming through the eons of voluminous time into needs of enhanced complexity. Human desires progressed from basic requirements on to the needs of the body, mind and emotion. The body requires comfortable and durable attire. The mind mandated knowledge and quest for emotions, commanded gratification of sociality and acknowledgment.

 Today, mankind does not live on bread and water alone but exists on an unyielding pursuit of utter contentment through acquisitions f luxurious goods and lifestyles.

 Possess this knowledge through Registry Indonesia’s 2007 September edition”

Oscar Wilde said that anything mysterious has a chance of being profound. By his reckoning these couple of paragraphs has the potential to enlighten half of humanity, at least among the washed and the pretentious.

I wonder how bloggers like Jakartass, who obviously has a love for the English language and can spell polysyllabic words, and understand them, without looking up the dictionary (like Unspun) would make of this?

6 thoughts on “The wisdom of society rags

  1. A shallow attempt to hide their resentment at neither appearing nor being invited to Tattler-type events. And also a sad indictment of the Bule’s lack of command over his own language and culture. Jakartass dares to discredit a great thinker such as Maslow, whilst quoting Popper, when in fact the only popper he knows is the opposite to a downer.


  2. Your right, Ars, I don’t go to “Tattler-type events”. But Tatler is another matter.

    BTW. Isn’t the opposite of a downer an upper? Please enlighten us because you obviously know more about narcotics than most of us. First hand knowledge too, judging by your rambling lack of understanding about who said and wrote what.


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