Bengkulu quake update, 2pm 15 Sept.

Stuck in Jakarta airport because Thai Airlines TG 434 is delayed. The engineers are trying to find a fault so nothing to do but to get on the computer with my HSDPA (Unspun loves the 3G device!) modem and blog. Charles Ham of Hope just sent a report of conditions on the ground and some photos. Unspun thinks Charles’s reports provide a rare glimpse into the everyday lives of aid workers and conditions on the ground. Here they are:

Team stayed at a resident’s porch on Sept 13 evening in Ketahun, showered at a water source in palm plantation and treated several patients who came from surrounding villages after hearing a doctor was there. The team treated 50 people from the night before and in the morning of Sept 14.

In the journey to Muko Muko , team decided to cancel the trip and to focus on the North Bengkulu District. Many other help was starting to directs to Muko Muko, and may pass by North Bengkulu District. The District Administrator of 400,000 population confirmed that no help has arrived.


He personally buy instant noodles and tents for people. Team visited the Arga Makmur hospital , provide medicine and decide to move to other areas as the hospital is under control, except that they need a surgeon for patients waiting for procedures. The next morning the hospital director called team to ask for blankets for patients and raincoats for nurse who are managing the hospital under the tents while rain keeps pouring. 100 blankets and raincoats should arrive by lunch time today. After meeting the Vice Governor again last night, it was clear that much help is still needed, despite the Indonesian Vice President stating that the government is capable of handling the situation.


This morning, team is continuing the assessment and aid, while team leader, Charles Ham, went by air with small aircraft from US Embassy to assess the damages in the surrounding Mentawai islands and Padang, West Sumatera Province.


Please pray that aid will be delivered to the people living in tents,
scared, cold and traumatized soon, and that they will be strong to help
each other facing this time of turbulence of their lives.bengkulu-q.jpg

Earlier at noon: This is a sms update from Hope’s Charles Ham, who is on the ground helping victims of the Benglulu earthquake:

Yesterday team Hope treated 50 patients in lais and ketahun, distributed medicine to RSUD Arga Makmur.

Today tem to distribute blankets and raincoats to same hospital that has been rained down last night with patients in tents. I am flying above Padang, Enggano and mentawai island with a smaller plane to see the situation.

(Note: Unspun will be traveling and may not post updates for the next three or four days).

One thought on “Bengkulu quake update, 2pm 15 Sept.

  1. That’s a lot of serious damage, especially on the infrastructure. It will be a long time before business can be normal again, if this is possible at all.

    I hope aid can reach the victims on time.


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