For the Kwei Hei addicts

Unspun usually closes his eyes or uses it as an opportunity to hide his face in his partner’s bosoms during horror flicks. But, if like so many Asians, you’re addicted to the Asian Horror Movie, TommyGirl has the low down on the essential elements that must go into a Asian Horror Movie.(Via Global Voices)

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Some Facts about Asian Horror Movies

1. Ghosts always MUST BE young female (age around 16-30).
2. Female ghosts MUST HAVE black long hair.
3. Female ghosts wear white clothes.
4. Ghosts haunt people for revenge.
5. Ghost want people die.
6. They commit suicide or they are drowned or they are murdered by someone.
7. Lift is haunted place.
8. Bathroom is haunted place.
9. Ghosts always appear in mirror.
10. Ghosts always haunt in bedroom/under bed/closet.
11. When people move to new place/new house, that place always happens to be haunted place.
12. When ghost haunts, the place is always dark and no light.
13. Ghosts are very powerful, they can do like whatever they want.
14. Someone pick something from somewhere and ghosts come after them. Then, all the people die one after one.

15. Someone always try to solve the ghost’s problem in past life and to clear her grudge.

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