OZ government embraces blogging

Now isn’t this a better way to engage what is now a fact of life than, as is done in some backward countries, suing and picking fights with bloggers?

clipped from www.theage.com.au
BLOGGING is now being embraced by the Australian Government as a
way of seeking the views of the public. It has released a
discussion paper to canvass comment on setting up a “citizens’

The blog would enable people to take part in consultations,
posting views in relation to various items of text or video
provided by the Government.

The discussion paper, released by Special Minister of State Gary
Nairn, asks people to say how they would like to use an online
consultation website and what features they would want to have
included in it. Feedback will go into a public report.

The paper raises the issue of whether registration should be
required to use the consultation blog.

“This is a complex question,” the paper says.

  blog it

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