Have Facebook will protest #2: Wear a Red Shirt for Burma

Send a message to the junta in Burma that they should stop whacking monks and oppressing people. Wear a Red Shirt for Burma today. Go to the Facebook group here for more details. Unspun will be wearing his reddest shirt as he heads for Bali tomorrow for the Ubud Readers and Writers Festival.


7 thoughts on “Have Facebook will protest #2: Wear a Red Shirt for Burma

  1. The Burmese military bastards and fascists can only be exterminated by violence. It’s time the US despatched its army to bring down evil. It’s time to tell the apologists of this murderous regime like Asean, China and India to walk the talk and talk the talk and stop talking cock. It’s time to tell Asean to tear down the facade of hypocrisy. It’s time to tell Asean to go to hell.


  2. 47 years ago, a young man by the name of Che Guevera gave up everything to fight with young upstarts in Cuba. The rest, as they say, is history. It’s time to resurrect the spirit of Che. To go further back, young idealists rallied to the cry of freedom and volunteered in the Spanish Civil War to fight fascists led by Franco. We must invoke the spirit of these legends. We must volunteer to fight fascists and murderers. What better way than to confront murderers in Myanmar. Young men and women of the world, onwards to Myanmar!


  3. I think that America needs to do something about this bull that is going on….we need to leave Iraq and go to Burma to give help where true help is needed…..this is 2009 and nothing has come out about it recently…but I’m sure that it is STILL going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!! THE MURDER OF INNOCENT MEN AND WOMEN NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. “The murder of innocent men and women needs to stop.”

    All the more reason for Americans to stay in America. Leave Iraq, return to America and watch reruns of Dynasty. Then the people of Burma, or ‘Myanmar’, might stand a chance.


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