Beyonce Malaysia Boleh

What can one say? Invite Beyonce and ask her to wear conservative clothing? Does one ask the Pope to wear spandex? Malaysia Boleh lagi!

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Another victory for Indonesia over Malaysia!!

It’s good to see people standing up for what they believe in. So I was real glad to see that the bootylicious singer Beyonce has cancelled her Malaysian show after the authorities there had ordered her to cover up and wear “conservative clothing”. Fuck that for a laugh. Bloody Nazis. As if a woman in the 21st century can’t wear what she wants!
And anyway, what’s the point of going to a Beyonce concert in the first place if you can’t see her perform her outrageous onstage antics? What are the Malaysians actually thinking? That people would go along merely to hear her sing? Hahaha!
But Malaysia’s loss is Indonesia’s gain. Cos to make up for the Malaysian show Beyonce’s announced she’ll do a show in Jakarta on 1 November instead!
Bootylicious!! Long live Beyonce!!!!!

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16 thoughts on “Beyonce Malaysia Boleh

  1. what can you do when the govt can give in to the threats of a small minority. Stupid shiity govt..get real only 10000 at most will watch the concert, while beyonce is dancing naked on our astro channels in millions of homes. They have shit in the brains


  2. artchan,
    I agree with you.Dim-witted government to submit to such hypocrisy.I bet those who opposed were the one who quitely watch those half naked bodies at home, on TV and on the Net.

    Unfortunately, hypocrisy is highest in the Islamic world.


  3. I am so glad that the newspaper reports said just this morning, that Indonesia has put NO RESTRICTIONS on her dressing. Indonesia has 80+% of its Population being Muslims. Malaysia has only 40% Muslims. No, I did not type this wrongly. There are 60% Bumiputras in Malaysia, but at least 25% of these Bumiputras come from East Malaysia and they are mostly Catholic, Seventh Day Aventists, and so on. (Malaysian Statistics 2006)
    So, the number of Non-Muslims in Indonesia (50million) is almost double the entire population of Malaysia (26million). Who should be leader, and who should be the follower?

    Please quit playing the “holy holy” game. It’s just not working. Who are you trying to kid? Malaysia, it’s time to eat the “humble pie” and learn from your neighbours. Be they First World (very near) of Third World. Please look at the correct calender. We are already in the 21st Century. Behave that way please…..

    Truly Asia boleh


  4. now i would say i totally disagree with mike’s statement. hes better think alot more and less research…do ya think those figures and u robotic statistics has anything to do with anybody being more religious. cut the crap aledy, it doesnt make any sense such in any way.

    now im making this point, what i know now is that, US which is the center of all porn and crappy clothings, got 2 states there, totally banned the wearing of those revealing ass cracks and so on. This fact is rather make some sense rather than those figures that mike posted. why i said so is u are just showing the quantity part of it but the context here, what we are talking here is about quality. u are totally out of context by using the totally wrong measurement!!! about the US thing, it proves that whenever the ppl start going away from religion, the first step is they are coming back again towards religion, its the human nature.

    then i would say being religious is NOT bad, its GOOD in every sense of it. now u will say about those crappy religious extremists and so on. in psychiatric we called it phobia, and the judgement of “these” ppl iare impaired. becoz u got this negative view of those extremists, ur trying to make u the good guy by making the religious ppl looks bad and those being religious.

    its not the “holy-holy” game. its about the human nature. being religious has nothing to do with being in the 21st century, crap what are u??? aliens??? wheres ur soul??? have u got ur soul??? religion is the entity that transverses time. cut it already…crap

    For malaysians, quit making the indonesians(in general) as ur example in religion. be proud that ur religious and that u know ur soul. im not saying that all indonesian are less religious, some of them has been very good and constant. but in general religious education should take more role in telling this ppl to look what religion is all about. im telling u again mike, think alot more, less research…


  5. oh, ban beyonce from wearing sexy, but everybody can watch her dancing sensually in their home channel. Please …… ps: I don’t think the way some people here to comment is appropriate…you cannot judge each people, you just comment on theirs, do not humiliate ones! telling them that they have no soul etc etc


  6. hahaha pretty…um why dont u just point out that person that u meant and state the damn real reason why u said so…perhaps u dont have the dare enough hehe


  7. plus while u think whether or not u dare enough pls search the answers for these Qs oso:
    1. define humiliate?
    2. define judging?
    when u think u dare enough, emphasize more on these two Qs…haha


  8. TO: Kamarul

    oh please, why you always laugh when commenting on people? why you always cornering people not their comments? I do not want to have ‘debat kusir’ with you.

    I like Beyonce, and I will go to her show, does anyone have the info on getting the ticket please? thanks.


  9. When my european friends ask what is malaysia like, i always say to them thats its a backwatered country, the more time passes the more the fascist government go backwards in time! Talk about time travel! Long live Malayistan the stone age cometh!


  10. Wikipedia says :

    According to 2006 U.S. State Department figures, approximately 60.4 percent of the population practiced Islam; 19.2 percent Buddhism; 9.1 percent Christianity; 6.3 percent Hinduism; and 3 percent Confucianism, Taoism, and other traditional Chinese religions

    Anyhoo, Malaysia will never change when it comes to this…i mean, isn’t it a bit hypocritical of them when the gov is promoting Islam Hadhari and all?


  11. This tells me her music is so bad that she has to rely on “sexy stage moves” to engage the audience. Isnt it all about the music? If your music is good do you have to always dress like a whore?
    Come on lets not beat around the bush…she needs to show some skin b/c the msic is boring and bland. You may call it “artistic expression”. If you think dressing up like a porn star flashing your legs and boobs is artistic expression then good for you.
    BTW Gwen Stefani did a concert in Malayasia and there were no problems. If they asked Beyonce to edit her lyrics or music then I would support her decision, but they didnt. They just said dont bare a smuch as skin for one measly concert. Oh well…


  12. I don’t get it. If it’s against your principles, against your religious believes, DON’T GO. No body is forcing this idiots to see it. Why make a big hooha on those that do not share the same view as you?

    IF I get to go and watch the pop star performs, I will not get horny. I will not want to hump my daughters, grand nieces or makciks next doors. IF these ppl think they will, simply stay in their mosques and continue praying that you’ll go to heaven by and leave the civilised open minded ppl in peace!

    IF I get to watch the lady dances erotically, it will not corrupt my moral believe. I will not walk along Bukit Bintang like the way she dances.

    I’m bewildered and utterly embarrased by these ppl. THEY DO NOT REPRESENT MY VIEW!

    Anyway, there’s always or pirated dvds.


  13. WTH. it’s kind of embarrassing. talk about populist remarks from a minority. Malaysia is being seriously embarrassed by these people who say these things (from my point of view) not to make a religious stand or whatever, but to attempt lamely to boost their supposed moral standing with the rakyat. Moral standing. Yeah, right. honestly, what kind of people do they think we are? idiots with our balls for brains? wait, sorry. I’m sure they do. ridiculous. and now…haih. I bet they’re thinking “we’re being hated, but hey, we’re morally upright.” wake up people.


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