Bengkulu quake update: Three weeks later

About three weeks ago Malysians, Singaporeans and many Indonesians in Sumatra felt the earthquake in Bengkulu. Now, it seems, most people have forgotten about it. But what’s been happening there? Here’s Hope’s report on the situation this far:

Progress Report Bengkulu Earthquake – October 1, 2007
HOPE worldwide Indonesia

The Government of Indonesia sent a team to conduct damage assessment in Bengkulu and West
Sumatera. Predicted that a loss of $165 million. 48,000 houses were destroyed or damaged, while
500 infrastructures of road, bridges etc are damaged. The Government of Indonesia are
coordinating to determine the housing reconstruction support for the victims, ranging from
$1,000 to $3,000. It will take some time before the victims are able to rebuild their houses.

HOPE worldwide Indonesia team arrived on the location within 20 hours after the earthquake
and has since provided medical support to the North Bengkulu District’s hospital and health
posts. Medicines and hygiene kits has been delivered to the Arga Makmur Hospital and the local
disaster coordination (Satkorlak Bengkulu Utara)

What’s Next
A distribution plan of tents (tarpaulin), blanket, mattress, water bucket, clothings, and hygiene
kits are being prepared for 1,000 families in Lais, Ketahun, Putri Hijau, and Muko Muko Selatan.
The team plans to complete the distribution by the end of the second week of October, before the
Muslims celebrate Idul Fitri.

Meanwhile health remains high concern despite the low numbers of casualties. The residents
who are living in tents and emergency shelters remain very vulnerable in such living condition.
In Mentawai District, from 1,948 patients treated, 63.2% suffer from acute respiratory infection,
while 24.5% suffer from diarrhea. Bengkulu Team is monitoring the health situation closely as
for future interventions required.

For further information and to support contact:
Willy Gosal, Outreach Manager
HOPE worldwide Indonesia
Gedung Putera Lt 7, Jl Gunung Sahari 39
Jakarta, Indonesia
Tel: 62-21-600-9091; Fax: 62-21-601-0570

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