Ain’t people

The Jakarta Post’s caption writer seems to be in the holiday mood already as its not people boarding the train but silhouettes. Happy holidays.

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HOMECOMING: Silhouettes board a train Saturday at
Jatinegara station on their way to celebrate Idul
Fitri with their families. The number of travelers
is expected to reach its peak two days before the
Idul Fitri holiday arrives. (JP/P.J. Leo)

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2 thoughts on “Ain’t people

  1. Hey Unspun, I wasn’t intending any harm there… Though the originator himself don’t wear the badge (I’m surprised that u’re aware of his grudge against u!), the boycott was thoroughly self-motivated..

    I know that a lot of bloggers are going to the event (even foreigners like u) and that’s why I’ve never rallied for support or made any blog post asking ppl to support my cause whatsoever. It’s just like that.

    So, peace, OK… I’m sorry if you were personally offended.


  2. How do you know they’re people and not silouhettes, unspun ? You’ve been here long enough to know that the unseen is everywhere in Java…:-)


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