Rasa anything but sayang

Malaysia Boleh does it again. This time confirming that it boleh try to bully the Indonesians. I am very malu to be a Malaysian and I think many Malaysians feel this way, again. To my Indonesian friends: We are sorry for a very goblok government that seems to be losing control of even its own government servants. Please take note that it is the government and its aparat, not the Malaysian peoples that are doing this. Unspun, for one, feels strongly that the Malaysian government should apologize unconditionally for this latest act of stupidity.

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First, Malaysia Tourism dishonoured and disgraced Indonesian blogger-TV anchor Nila Tanzil.Next, Malaysian police beat up Indonesian karate referee, Donald Luther Kalapita.

Last Wednesday, Muslianah Nurdin, wife of Indonesia’s education and culture attache, was accused of being an illegal migrant, and detained while shopping in Kuala Lumpur despite showing her identification.

The vigilante round-up was conducted by members of a 400,000-strong volunteer force, Rela.

The Indonesian embassy in KL issued a statement late yesterday to condemn the arrest. Quote The Star:

“She showed her card to the officer who claimed that he did not recognise it. She was detained and placed with other illegal immigrants.
“Based on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the Rela officer has violated international laws by showing disrespect to a member of the embassy,” it said yesterday.

Read Associated Press/International Herald Tribune and Google News.

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  1. I believe that the Government of Malaysia is a “Master” in this “Drama”… meanwhile its “police” and “Rela” are only “actors” ….

    This is shown by the NFA (No Further Action) policy taken by the Gov’t of Malaysia (although our Gov’t has formally complained to them ) ..

    I think this is a right time for our Gov’t to review our relationship with this country ….


  2. I’m still trying to solve this puzzle. Do they (the alleged Malaysians and its “goblok” government) do such things “only” to Indonesians or anybody (read: of other nationalities)? Well, I need to Google more on such “goblokness.” Well said. I can’t stop laughing (but kinda sad too, of course).

    Unspun boleh lah… Boleh Unspun.


  3. Hey, I’d suggest you guys look for the video entitled “Maid in Malaysia” on YouTube. It’s 20mins long, but very insightful

    For those who do not know (just in case) plase also watch “negaraku” on YouTube as well

    Information is everything…..


  4. Malaysia has no respect for other people’s rights. It thinks it can ride roughshod over other people. And the situation gets worse when you have Umno extremists and nationalists imposing their will on the populace. Umno bastards think they can get away with murder but they will get their come uppance one day. Umno extremists are using police, rela and the state machinery to bludgeon the country into submission. Umno has no respect for human rights.


  5. Our stupid government is not a friendly & good neighbour to Indonesia. I too would like to apologise for this unfortunate incident.
    It is sad that we Malaysian have voted these “donkeys” into power.


  6. On behalf of arrogant Malaysian bastards, I would like to apologise to the wonderful and long suffering people of Indonesia. This apology wont wash away our sins – they are too many – but it will go a long way towards righting the wrongs of our misguided people. Malaysians have no respect for others, they always think highly of themselves and they always think Malaysia Boleh. Forgive us, for we know not what we are doing.


  7. It defies all logic that the Malaysian government should still wholeheartedly protect the poorly trained RELA members when they keep doing things that embarrass both the government and the Malaysian people. God knows how many instances RELA have trampled on human rights in their self-righteous war against God knows what. But I suppose we should console ourselves, albeit stoically, that RELA typically reflects the mentality of the Malaysian government and not her people.

    The Malaysian cannot possibly unleash a group of poorly trained ingnorant people and empower them with so much authority that they can flaunt their power (yes, authority is transformed into raw power in the hands of these self important creatures) with impunity. And then the government goes into active denial and say that they have done no wrong.

    No wrong? God forbid!


  8. Rela was started during the sixties to combat communism but it has grown into a vigilante force which has no respect for the law. To make it worse, it has become Umno;s militia. It is being used as a tool by Umno Nazis to strike fear into the hearts of opponents. It is a law unto itself. It has become an accessory to many cases involving foreigners and locals. It has become the secret police of Umno. It is like Hitler Youth, Gestapo and SS rolled into one. Now they are targeting foreigners, especially Indons. It is now being used as a force to terrify rather than to pacify. They are playing with fire, especially when the fire is Indonesia.


  9. It would look like the UMNO leadership is unleashing Rela for whatever ends they have in mind, whereas UMNO Youth is similarly endorsing the Mat Rempits.

    Who can understand the logic behind this but the gobloks?


  10. I think for Indonesian the anger over Malaysia’s claim on the song reflects the crisis of national identity post-authoritarian period. So any countries say things about Indonesia may well be perceived as threatening their existence. Particularly an exacerbated factor is that this issue could be used by elites to gain people’s trust.


  11. I’m still trying to solve this puzzle. Do they (the alleged Malaysians and its “goblok” government) do such things “only” to Indonesians or anybody (read: of other nationalities)?


    To be fair to the Malaysian police and RELA, they do not do this only to Indonesians. They pick on all people who they perceive to be poor, as long as they are non-Caucasian. Yellow, brown or black skin qualifies you to be a potential victim.

    The official explanation is that they are looking for illegal immigrants. The actual motivation is corruption and extortion.

    If you are in Malaysia you can observe the policy at work every Sunday, when workers have their off days. Construction workers, factory staff, maids, students are all fair game to be stopped while they are going about their normal activities – waiting for a bus, walking to the shops, hanging out with friends – and asked to produce their passports.

    If they cannot produce their passports (or if they produce a valid document, like a diplomatic identity card, that the gobloks do not recognise) they are threatened with detention. And they are intimidated to pay a small bribe to be set free immediately.

    The incentive to bribe is very high – the police and RELA can totally ruin the off day by holding them at the roadside for hours before sending them to the police lock-up while waiting for their friends or employers to produce their passports. Thus many victims prefer to pay up and carry on with whatever it is they wanted to do.

    The sad fact is many Malaysian employers hold on to their employee’s passports, so these legitimate workers cannot carry their passports with them when they go out. It is a vicious cycle and a bountiful source of illegal income for our police and RELA.

    It is my impression that the most victimised are black Africans, followed by Indonesians and Bangladeshis….


  12. Indcoup: So why don’t they target Caucasians as well then?

    I am of the opinion that colonial process gives colonised people inferior feeling. It may well be this inferiority which makes caucasian are not targeted.


  13. Such incidents didn’t occur during Mahathir’s ruling? An iron fist needed to “control” such “goblok” acts? Or, today’s government is too corrupt to bear?


  14. Jen

    I believe such incidents did occur during Dr M’s time but they were few and isolated. Such incidents appear to have escalated into an epidemic! And I am sure the goblok ministers will blame it on the bloggers for making minor incidents look more serious than they should.

    If RELA were to victimize a relative of a minister by mistake, I assure you the tide would change.


  15. Why don’t the Malaysian police and RELA target Caucasians?

    It is because of the “lick them or kick them” mentality. They lick the asses of those they PERCEIVE to be superior and kick the asses of those they PERCEIVE to be inferior.


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