Now Everyone Can Fry Air Asia

If you, as Unspun has from time to time, been frustrated with Air Asia’s service – or lack of it – you could blog about it. But it would be only one voice in the blog wilderness. Besides the chore of setting up a blog and maintaining it is too much for most people.


Now, Unspun does not know how much torture AirAsia inflicted on this victim but it must be substantial, at least Abu Ghraib standards, that Rich, who goes by the nom de plume of A. Horribilis, has started a blog Fly Air Asia? Not Me dedicated to exposing the foibles of the low-cost and oftentimes cheap airline.

If all goes well the blog could become Vent Central for victims passengers who feel that they have been shoddily treated by Tony Fernandez and Co. Wonder what their PR response would be, monitor the blog and proactively engage the writer and commentators? Or go into denial and ignore the existence of the blog? Unspun thinks they should take the former course but  most likely they’ll take the latter, especially when the airline is of Malaysian origing and the country’s corporations are notoriously PR agnostic.

Whatever it is, Now Everyone can Fry Air Asia with convenience, easy access and have support from like minded pissed-off passengers. Happy venting!

One thought on “Now Everyone Can Fry Air Asia

  1. Thank you for the plug.
    Yes, it was utter torture.
    Was? IS … it continues!
    Will keep you posted.
    I like your blog. Cheers.

    Best wishes,



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