How Indonesian women are perceived?

Unspun has never been in a position to know women enough to presume to make pronouncements about them, Indonesian, or otherwise. Unspun is just content to admire.But others, such as Indcoup, are braver. Unspun wonders what Indonesian women have to say about his comments of them, some of which are clipped below:

clipped from

20 things you should know about Indonesian cewek
2. Indonesian women think dark skin is bad, but they still adore Anggun.
8. Don’t call her “Manis”. That’s what they call kids. “Sexy” is best and “Sayang” is cool, but “fucking awesome” is okay when she’s slightly pissed
9. If you have something to hide, she’ll find it. Be especially careful of whose namecards you have in your wallet, the filth on your hard drive and the names of your “contacts” in your handphone.
10. A lot of Indonesian women like shit music like Peter Pan and Dewa 19. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.
11. Over the course of her life, an Indonesian woman will use 10 men for every one she loves. If you’re paying for her younger sister’s education and you’re not getting any pussy yet, you’re one of the 10.
14. You’ll probably never know how many guys she’s slept with. The standard lie is she had been a virgin and that you were the first!! Hahaha! In truth it’s somewhere around 10-15.

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6 thoughts on “How Indonesian women are perceived?

  1. All of those items ring very true to her idiot girlfriend only. Is this all British stuff? Did he have a drink before he typed this or am I missing something?


  2. I tried the link and it said; BLOG DELETED???

    for me it doesn’t say anything about Indonesian women. But it says something about what expat in his league thinks about Indonesian women. Poor guy, the qualified Indonesian women must have better choice than guys in his league.


  3. @M: Oh yeah, it would say that because Indcoup has decamped after he claimed he was threatened by someone he blogged about. For backgrund on what he claimed was a case of blogger harrasment see this link


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