Yusril meets bloggers, gets a makeover in his blog

Former State Secretary Yusril Izha Mahendra who started blogging recently and met with some of Indonesia’s active bloggers (see link here) is starting to see some of the benefits of engagement.

At a kopdar with Abi, Rina Priyadi, Jay, Deden, Eko and Vavai, Yusril apparently got a lot of advice not only how to blog but also a makeover of his log from Vavai. Now it looks clean, professional and in his latest posting Ucapan Terima Kasih Yusril acknowledges all the help. Result: a whole heap of comments.

Yusril, apparently acting on the advice of bloggers, is also taking on his critics. Check out his reply to Dragonwall  in the comments section of Indonesia Matter’s posting on Yusril.

Will all of this help Yusril to rehabilitate himself politically or launch his career as an actor? Time will tell but in the meantime it is interesting to watch.


4 thoughts on “Yusril meets bloggers, gets a makeover in his blog

  1. Unspun, please give a refresh to your browser, to get the latest header picture. :-D. I’ve updated the header just a minutes before the blog launched.

    Thanks for your post 😉


  2. after read and try to write some comments in english i flowed by my clicker to yusril’s sites. uhh i am happy as it is easier to me talk and write in bahasa. but comments i made didnt show up. is that because of HE feel sick of some comments from IM community? uh maybe he doesn’t like my comments as it compared what he got and other who also fallen from his position.

    @wazeen in bahasa should be better, then!


  3. Hayya… Encik Ong, apa macam. Awak boleh baca posting Bank Paribas di blog saya, lah..

    Weekend, pigi makan angin lagi seronok la.. Tak payah baca blog, kepala pening…


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