Yes folks, the Malaysians are pissing off the Indonesians once again with their apparent “appropriation” of yet another Indonesian cultural ite, from this report by The malaysian (Oi, bro don’t call Indonesians Indons because they don’t like it lah).

As Unspun‘s explained before, all this is probably because of the difference in the definition of “Malay” between Malaysians and Indonesians (see here).

For  Indonesian takee on the Reog Ponogoro controversy go here and here.

In the meantime Unspun‘s recalling what one of his readers told him some time ago: With all this appropriation of culture from Indonesia perhaps the Malaysian Tourism Board should change its logo to: Malaysia. Truly Indonesia! LOL

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Angry Indons Protest Outside Our Embassy In Jakarta, Call Us ‘Thieves’


It looks like some Indonesians are not in a particularly friendly mood vis a vis Malaysia these days. About a thousand of them held a protest today in front of our Embassy in Jakarta accusing us of promoting an Indonesian dance form as our own. So apart from the bad press we’ve been getting all over the world for being a fake democracy practicing a tempatan type of apartheid, now we’ve been condemned as cultural plagiarists as well.
The point of contention apparently was a Javanese mask dance, known as Reog Ponorogo which our Culture and Arts and Heritage Ministry has been claiming in tourism advertisements and brochures is a traditional Malay dance called Barongan. The similarities were obviously too great for the Indons to ignore, especially the dancers – men wearing enormous tiger heads and peacock feather masks, accompanied by acrobats.

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