When hate is all consuming

You wonder what goes on inside the mind of someone like this blogger, believed to be a Malaysian, who hates so much.Be critical by all means, be passionate but to be consumed by so much hate is harmful for one’s self.

Someone once told Unspun a simile about anger. Anger, he said, is like a piece of hot coal that you hold in your hand. The longer and the tighter you hold onto it, the more pain you will feel.

The only way to rid yourself of this suffering, he said, is just to open your hand and let the coal fall to the ground. Si I Hate Indon, let go.

Indonesian friends, if you come across this blog the best thing is to ignore this person. He is already in some kind of perverse hell, burning in all that hate. No need to do anymore, just let go and look the other way because the best thing that can happen to I Hate Indon is to have people reciprocating his hate.

clipped from ihateindon.blogspot.com

Indon esial – bangsa koeli, PATI & kriminal

This blog is dedicated for indon hater. indon is a xenophopic & delusional granduer society. They thought the whole world is revolving around their pathetic nation. Include:
1. Screenshot or hyperlink of world wide web headline showing the word indon, for indon to know that the whole world calling them indon.
2. Copies of newpaper articles or news reporting the bad behaviour of indon
3. Images or picture of indon in Malaysia as a second class citizen
4. Anything bad about indon.

  blog it

17 thoughts on “When hate is all consuming

  1. This link been circulated among bloggers and people forward and inform and talked about this everywhere … this I Hate Indon will be burn in his own Rage and Anger… I pity on him

    I think, its just the same with malingsia,goblokpedia etc, Malaysian too will be mad reading bad things about them in that blog.

    Ah, how grown up we are …


  2. This is from DETIK.COM

    Jumat, 07/12/2007 15:18 WIB
    Blog Picu Gerakan Ganyang ‘Anti-Indon’
    Ardhi Suryadhi – detikinet

    Jakarta – Gerakan ganyang ‘anti-Indon’ marak beredar di kalangan pengguna internet Indonesia via instant messaging. Semua berawal dari blog yang menjelek-jelekkan Indonesia.

    “Tolong Flag website ini, website yang berisi blog dari Malaysia yg jelek-jelekin bangsa indonesia. Semakin banyak yg Flag, semakin cepet websitenya ditutup. Tolong forward ke temen2 bangsa Indonesia yang lainnya yaph. Makasih. (Flag terletak di atas disebelah Search Blog),” bunyi pesan tersebut.

    Dari isinya, terlihat bahwa si penerima pesan diharapkan dapat memberi Flag pada blog yang bernaung di Blogspot itu. Tujuannya, untuk memberi tahu pengelola Blogspot bahwa blog ini menurut pengguna layak di-black list, sehingga untuk selanjutnya blog tersebut diharapkan dapat ditutup.

    Pasalnya, isi dari blog tersebut memang bernada sangat miring untuk Indonesia. Mulai dari menjelek-jelekkan Pancasila sebagai dasar negara kita hingga berkomentar soal Bendera Merah Putih yang dianggap nyolong dari Polandia.

    Tak ayal, konten tersebut membuat kuping warga negara Indonesia yang mengetahui keberadaan blog ini memerah. Terbukti dari ratusan komentar yang masuk ke blog ini yang mayoritas mengecam. Mereka ingin mengganyang si pelaku yang ‘anti-indon’. Indon adalah panggilan untuk orang Indonesia yang biasa digunakan oleh orang di Malaysia atau Singapura, biasanya dengan nada agak pejoratif. ( ash / wsh )


  3. um i felt very horrible about this matter, sometime thinking that of what purpose do God give us functional brains without us using it…ive said before when certain issues were handled in an emotional manners, it always reciprocate…

    its not that im telling that we forget our humanly nature, emotions, souls, our enthusiasm but im sure God give us brains to control all of those….
    coming to this issue, it couldnt be helped that we should not blame totally on this moron guy, why dont we all see how our pathetic responses toward issues that came up…

    malingsia, burning malaysian flag, inflammatous media reports…ive said before all this will reciprocate…unless we deal on sensitive issues through legitimate manner, logical, relevant. not only by one sided youthful souls and burning spirits, becoz of course the other side wont sit silently…

    we all can easily expect whats gonna happen next, i feel sad that this happened but kinda expected it…so really can see where these things going….hopefully we wont go to war…chills up man 🙂


  4. Saudara Ong

    Saya pernah mencadangkan perkara ini di dalam blog-blog Indonesia yang lain:

    Saya masih mengharapkan diwujudkan solidaritas blogger Indonesia dan Malaysia, sekurang-kurangnya di alam cyber, untuk sama-sama membela golongan mustadh’afin (the oppressed) tanpa mengambilkira nation state, bangsa, mazhab dan agama.

    Saya terlepas pandang, Saudaralah, saya rasa, orang paling layak menggerakkan inisiatif ini.


  5. Visited the blog a week a go, forwarded by a friend. I’m terrified to imagine there’s someone who actually have so much hatred and anger. I agree with other commentators that the best thing to do is flag the blog and completely ignore it. We wouldn’t get anything from it. Hopefully someday Indonesia and Malaysia realize that what we’ve done so far is utterly silly and we’re being a laughing stock by other countries.


  6. I am laughing when that blog quoted some articles from Berita Harian, Metro and Star which are known as the representative of UMNO and Gov’t of Malaysia …

    So, it is not difficult to know who is behind that blog ….. Hahahaha ..


  7. I don’t know why but I just think that it’s not a blog made by a Malaysian.
    The language itself doesn’t shows he’s from Malaysia but more from Indonesia.

    But I maybe wrong. I just think that this guy is trying to provoke people and promote hate. Don’t buy into it people.


  8. Hahahaha ….I like to read “Ten Things I Hate About Indonesia” which accurately shows the current situation in Indonesia …

    Let see the case of BLBI, election of Antasari as Chairman of KPK, Adelin Lis, Tommy/Timor and many other cases…

    So, don’t be angry ….


  9. The language is Indonesian. Never in my life I read a Malaysian (malay or other) writes with that kind of bahasa pasar. The news is not true. All are edited to accommodate the word INDO~. As a Malaysian, the blogger did not represent the Malaysian view towards this matter. Those Malaysian who buys the provocation/share the same view deserved the treatment. The Indonesian, well I shall leave it to themselves. If they think war is the way to go, then its up to them.

    Oh, BTW most Malaysian don’t really care about Malingsia.com. They still go to JCO in KL Pavilion, Dewa concert this December, glued to Astro Aruna, sembang/sharing stories with their bibik (my mom for example) and courting the factory worker. There are more important things in Malaysia to worry about. The upcoming election, perhaps?


  10. well, im not surprised. gotta agree, aledy read it and it cant be a malaysian to say all this. the language and all pointing out to be hes an indonesian….at the end of the day, its another fitnah against the malaysian, plus i dont know how indonesians are really easy being cheated by this. with all the flames firing up….

    i wondered whether unspun did realize about this? and well my indonesian neighbor, what is ur view?


  11. If you actually visit the Ihateindon blog,you’d find that more than 95% of the replies are by Indonesians flaming and abusing Malaysia. The language used by the blogger which is written heavily in Indonesian dialect suggests that the blogger is actually an Indonesian and not Malaysian. So what do we see here?Indonesians flaming Malaysia because of an anti Indonesian blog possibly written by a fellow Indonesian. Where is the sense in that?


  12. I have a very dear friend who happens to be Malaysian.
    He did admit that Malaysians, on average of course, do tend to ‘under estimate ‘Indonesians’

    And I know this for a fact, I mean just look at the facts on how Malay Gov treats us Indonesian Gov !

    So for those who share that view, FUCK YOU ALL.

    We will see who wins in the end. I curse you ALL.
    So glad PETRONAS isn’t working in here, hope they get the hell out of this country.
    We’re miserable alright, but we don’t need your kind of people (and you call yourself Melayu?! Moslems?!)

    We curse you, well done, you just got yourselves many people here who despise you.

    And yes, be afraid, be very afraid, for prsyers from the weaker be not hindered

    (never mind the salam)


  13. and you called yourself civilized. cursing like mad.

    2nd class treatment? well to some. just see la how they act; don’t know how to queue, tend to be loud. all of those i notice is not malaysian.

    you when being in other people country you certainly can behave urself do you?

    as for the website both countries should not bicker about who is the best. better just go improve ourself.

    i don’t hate indon, although some are very good people from the students that i have known while working in college. they are hardworking.

    but i guess some are too emosional huh.


  14. I very pity with malaysian..you know why? Cause, they said that we take polandia’s flag(cuma gara-gara warnanya sama)..
    Fuuh.. Really! Where is batik,and other cultures come from? Hey..they come from Indonesia, actually in java island..
    But, now we can find it in malaysia..and they said that is their culture.. Now, we know.. Who’s the real cheaters!! Gue harap tu blog cepet diapus, sebelum temen2 gue ngakak! Karena tau siapa pencuri sebenernya..


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