You wonder what goes on inside the mind of someone like this blogger, believed to be a Malaysian, who hates so much.Be critical by all means, be passionate but to be consumed by so much hate is harmful for one’s self.

Someone once told Unspun a simile about anger. Anger, he said, is like a piece of hot coal that you hold in your hand. The longer and the tighter you hold onto it, the more pain you will feel.

The only way to rid yourself of this suffering, he said, is just to open your hand and let the coal fall to the ground. Si I Hate Indon, let go.

Indonesian friends, if you come across this blog the best thing is to ignore this person. He is already in some kind of perverse hell, burning in all that hate. No need to do anymore, just let go and look the other way because the best thing that can happen to I Hate Indon is to have people reciprocating his hate.

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Indon esial – bangsa koeli, PATI & kriminal

This blog is dedicated for indon hater. indon is a xenophopic & delusional granduer society. They thought the whole world is revolving around their pathetic nation. Include:
1. Screenshot or hyperlink of world wide web headline showing the word indon, for indon to know that the whole world calling them indon.
2. Copies of newpaper articles or news reporting the bad behaviour of indon
3. Images or picture of indon in Malaysia as a second class citizen
4. Anything bad about indon.

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