Ever since Unspun began blogging, Fatih Syuhud through Blogger Indonesia has been there, educating and encouraging Indonesians and others to blog. Unspun might not have begun blogging and (and begun annoying Sheriff Dumbass and the Jaksa Posse) if not for Fatih’s encouragement.There’s probably no other Indonesian individual who has done more for blogging in this country.

So it was a very pleasant surprise and a great honor when, coming back after the Christmas and New Year holidays, Unspun found his alter ego mentioned in Fatih‘s list of top bloggers in Indonesia.

Fatih put Unspun in the list because of Unspun‘s involvement in Pesta Blogger. While it is always pleasant to receive praise Unspun should say that it was a group effort and it would not have been a great success if not for the support of people like Enda Nasution, Budi Putra, Wimar Witoelar, Nukman Luthfie, Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, Lita Mariana, Priyadi, Ratna Arianti and Wicaksono. You guys rock. But the person most pivotal to the smooth running of the Pesta was Hanny Kusumawati, the Pesta manager, whose great organization skills and patience carried the day.

Thanks Fatih, and Unspun hopes you’ll always be there to help keep him real and honest as he slogs on his blog.

clipped from fatihsyuhud.com

Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2007

Posted on December 31, 2007�
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Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2007Year 2007 has witnessed the sweetest and most happening ever so far as blogger Indonesia goes. The rapid growth of blogging culture, more ministers and former minister started blogging which means more attention to this writing-and-reading culture. And finally the most amazing event of all, the Pesta Blogger 2007 which led to the induction of October 27 as the National Blogger Day formally annnounced by Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo), Mr. Mohamad Nuh who presided over the first blogger Indonesia fiesta.

The Pesta Blogger Indonesia 2007 is a momentum we should keep and the best way to utilize it is by making it to beef up the birth of a lot more bloggers. Many ways to do this “task”, the simplest one is by motivating and urging our friends around to start blogging in this very month, January 2008.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 bloggers a la Blogger Indonesia

  1. @cinthya: I don’t think it was so much the content of my blogs as the fact that I was involved in Pesta Blogger that boosted my “ranking” in Fatih’s eyes. As for the contents its stuff and nonsense, nonsense and stuff 🙂


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