Indonesian fans have lost a bit of their ardor over Siti Nurhaliza since she hooked up with Datuk K. Same, it seems, with her Malaysian fans.
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What’s with Siti Nurhaliza?

Are you disappointed with her? Blogger Pasquale, who adores Siti Nurhaliza, is upset with the singer’s decision to start “covering up” (I am disappointed with Siti Nurhaliza!).
Me, I’m a little disappointed with some people at my girl’s school. A couple of weeks ago she said she would have to start wearing the tudung to school. Peer/teacher pressure. I said no, unless the school makes everybody wears the tudung as part of its uniform.

Back to Siti. If you ask me, I think Siti is old, successful and rich enough and I don’t care if she wears a tudung, a selendang or nothing. But I confess, I’m curious as to what she’s done to the pupils of her eyes!

Now, with eyes that colour, you’d think she’s blondie!

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