Siti Nurhaliza’s cover up

Indonesian fans have lost a bit of their ardor over Siti Nurhaliza since she hooked up with Datuk K. Same, it seems, with her Malaysian fans.
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What’s with Siti Nurhaliza?

Are you disappointed with her? Blogger Pasquale, who adores Siti Nurhaliza, is upset with the singer’s decision to start “covering up” (I am disappointed with Siti Nurhaliza!).
Me, I’m a little disappointed with some people at my girl’s school. A couple of weeks ago she said she would have to start wearing the tudung to school. Peer/teacher pressure. I said no, unless the school makes everybody wears the tudung as part of its uniform.

Back to Siti. If you ask me, I think Siti is old, successful and rich enough and I don’t care if she wears a tudung, a selendang or nothing. But I confess, I’m curious as to what she’s done to the pupils of her eyes!

Now, with eyes that colour, you’d think she’s blondie!

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4 thoughts on “Siti Nurhaliza’s cover up

  1. Basically it is Siti’s right and choice. This is a democracy, she can do what she wants.
    But…… I also have a choice now, if I don’t like her style now, I can stop caring and stop buying her CD’s.
    I feel it is up to her to decide, if she wants to continue her career then she must jaga imej.
    If she don’t care about career, then pension lah, bersara lah!
    Start new career, become a mother. Start making babies for Datuk K.
    Jaga anak baik-baik sampai jadi nenek….. 🙂


  2. hehe whats up with this?

    Christians wearing huge crosses on their chest?
    Buddhists being strictly vegetarian?
    Hindus with symbols on their foreheads?

    and a muslim want to wear tudung is very much an issue?

    common guys, uve gotta be kidding me…. 😀


  3. I fully stnad beside Kamarul on this issue. People need to read and understand Article 11 in the Federal Constitution, which gurantees the freedom to practise whatsoever religion one chooses. However, in having to agree with Kamarul, I, in the same breath have to concur the absurdity of Lina Joy’s “unlawful” conversion.

    Hence, the loss of basic human rights by “malays” of Malaysia as advocated by the Federal Constituion.

    Truly Asia Truly Biased


  4. skati lh siti nak pkai tudung ke tak nak ..itu hak dier..memang patut pun seorg wanita islam memakai slh……….plus dier dh jadi hajah………..


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