Japan’s answer to the Om Bule Genit?

And make sure you read So-Called Japanese Life’s list of the traits of the Charisma Man.
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February 25, 2008 | by James | Filed Under Discrimination, Foreigners in Japan |

If you’ve lived in Japan, chances are you’ve heard of the charisma man stereotype of foreign males, which gets its name from the popular comic strip of the same name. The first comic in the Charisma Man anthology pretty much sums up the stereotype:

charisma man comic

A few days ago, Shari, an American woman who lives in Japan and blogs about her So-Called Japanese Life, wrote a post bringing up the charisma man comic. She mentioned her experiences with one foreigner she considered a charisma man and posted the following list of traits she has noticed that the charisma men she has met had in common:

  • Most of these men came to Japan at a relatively young age and had limited social experience back home. They tend to be here for the vast majority of their young adult socialization and maturation process.
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