Space cadet menu

This has got to be on the same league as Malaysia’s plan to have its first astronaut make teh tarik in space.
Wonder what Indonesia’ contribution would be if it sends someone into space? Sambal Terasi? Lalapan in a can? Kecap ABC? Indomie? Instant Rawon? Space Tempe?
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The first Korean astronaut will carry a special version of his national dish into space.

Now kimchi is set to conquer the final frontier: space.

When South Korea’s first astronaut, Ko San, blasts off April 8 aboard a Russian spaceship bound for the International Space Station, the beloved national dish will be on board.

Three top government research institutes spent millions of dollars and several years perfecting a version of kimchi that would not turn dangerous when exposed to cosmic rays or other forms of radiation and would not put off non-Korean astronauts with its pungency.

Their so-called space kimchi won approval this month from Russian authorities.

“This will greatly help my mission,” Mr. Ko, who is training in Russia, said in a statement transmitted through the Korea Aerospace Research Institute. “When you’re working in spacelike conditions and aren’t feeling too well, you miss Korean food.”

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3 thoughts on “Space cadet menu

  1. The first Indonesian Angkasawan should dress up in Batik, play the “Wayang Kulit” while dancing the Barongan, while singing Rasa Sayang. And announce to the world that these came from Indonesia FIRST. Then Malaysia can hide in shame for “false advertising”.

    “Indonesia Truly Original”


  2. The researcher spent million of dollar for this space version of kimchi … whoa …
    I wonder whether our govt would do that to have “terasi cap luar angkasa”


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