Protect your banana

Tired of having a squishy banana?

The male half of the Indonesian duo in Singapore, Indi, recently impressed his colleagues recently when he brought his banana in a banana guard into the office.

“Yesterday, I put a banana in it and brought it to office for the first time. What did my colleagues say when they saw the “thing”? Men and women were staring at it! Some women even chose to touch it! It looks like the “thing” knows how to catch everyone’s attention.”

What is thing and where can Unspun get one for the Pisang Raja and Pisang Ambon that Unspun’s in possession of? Do the Kiwis make Banana Guards of such proportions?

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5 thoughts on “Protect your banana

  1. What happens when your banana is not the right size or bent in the right place?

    Does the banana holder come in different sizes and different shapes to satisfy the needs of all the potential customers with your non-average banana?


  2. I have a couple of questions prompted by the visual:

    1. Are there really bananas the size of those four little ones shown? The small bananas I’ve seen are pretty straight, not curved like these.

    2. Do you think the product development guys put a lot of thought into the colours so as not to be seen to be politically incorrect?

    Obviously a slow business day….


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