How the mighty are fallen…or roll over

Remember the breast beating by alpha male types in the editorial floors of Dow Jones of how they would stand firm against control of any kind by the Evil Rupert Murdoch?So what happens when push comes to shove? The stalwarts of free speech turn to jelly and their feet turn cold. Hmmm…so much for the custodians of our society’s freedom.The FEER’s circulation is so small that there is hardly a pulse left. Maybe its actually dead, except that the editors haven’t realized. A bit like that old movie starring Charlton Heston where El Cid dies and they strap him on a horse to frighten the Moors. This time, however, the only ones running scared are those in the castle.
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Rupert Murdoch and his wife, Wendi Deng. The editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review declined to publish a review of a book about Murdoch’s dealings in China, where he met Deng. (Danny Moloshok/Reuters)

Editor gets ‘cold feet’ on a critique of Murdoch

The Review’s editor, Hugo Restall, oversees the smallest staff and the smallest revenue of any publication in the vast global stable of Murdoch’s News Corp.
To win the long-sought prize of owning Dow Jones, Murdoch offered guarantees of editorial independence. Since then, media analysts have been waiting to see whether he would attempt to exercise editorial control over any of the Dow Jones publications.The Review’s editor confirms that his new boss has never called him.

But in one of the first tests of the Review’s independence under Murdoch ownership, Restall has admitted to getting “cold feet” over the publication of an article destined for the magazine.

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