Blogger Jeff Ooi set to win electoral seat?

Update 12:35am Jakarta time – Unspun’s been just told that Jeff Ooi has won Jelutong with a big majority. Just imagine the political wannabes now blogging like crazy from now on.

Update: It looks like another blogger will also be making history with Jeff. Chegubard is apparently defying all the might of the Barisan Nasional’s candidate, the Son-in-Law Khairy Jamaluddin and is pulling ahead in Rembau. Rocky has the latest.

The results of Malaysia’s elections are still coming in but it looks like the Opposition has given the ruling Barisan Nasional a drubbing so severe that the Barisan may actually lose its two-thirds majority in Parliament. The two-thirds figure is significant because it allows the Barisan nasional to change the Constitution at will.

The state of Penang now looks like it has gone over to the opposition and blogger Jeff Ooi may well make history as the blogger who successfully used his blog as a platform to launch a political career. In the latest posting Jeff is saying that his party, the DA, has virtually taken Penang but he is asking for restraint. No victory rallies so that there is no excuse to start a racial riot like what happened in 1969, when the opposition denied the Barisan Nasional a two-thirds majority and thereafter held a victory parade, which provoked racial riots.

Several ministers have also lost their seats. They will also likely be losing their political careers. Among them are the leader of the Malaysian Indian Congress Samy Vellu and Information Minister Zainudin Maidin. Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter has also won her seat.

All eyes are now turned to Rembau where the unpopular KhairyJamaluddin, the son-in-law of Prime Minister Abdullah Badaw, is contesting against another blogger. If he loses many people will be celebrating.

11 thoughts on “Blogger Jeff Ooi set to win electoral seat?

  1. the opposition Alternative Front has captured another 2 states from the ruling National Front, Kedah by PAS and Penang by DAP while PAS retain the Kelantan state. So far the opposition had captured 3 north and east states.



  2. the opposition surprisingly had captured another central peninsular state, Selangor. Now it is vying for another central state, Negri Sembilan.

    Till now the opposition had captured 4 states, northern, eastern and central states of the malaysian peninsular.

    Bravo. BN will die.


  3. Congratulations Jeff!

    Congratulations to all right-thinking Malaysians!

    I’m proud to bursting of my countrymen. They are creating history, stopping rot through the ballot box.

    The odds seemed insurmountable. I thought the people, given the gerrymandering of the BN government, would never be able to wrest power back from the those self-serving leaders, nothing short of a scary revolution. Lovely bloody amazing Malaysians have proven me wrong and I’m no end delighted.

    Love you Malaysians! 🙂


  4. the opposition is vying for another central-northern state of Perak while the BN wins slightly in Negri Sembilan.

    The opposition had captured Kelantan(PAS), Penang(DAP), Kedah(PAS) and Selangor(PKR).

    Common another state Perak is falling to opposition hand.


  5. the opposotion Alternative Front had just denied the two-third majority of the ruling National Front in the parliament.

    BN only has simple majority.


  6. This is just the starting point, what was worried is there will be alot of “troublesome” create by BN. Anyway it was good news for malaysian, atleast there are some parties trying to provide and change the “outdated” mind set.


  7. the opposition has captured another central-northern state Perak by DAP, totaling upto 5 states captured Kelantan(PAS), Kedah(PAS), Penang(DAP), Perak(DAP) and Selangor(PKR)

    the BN has been denied of 2/3rd majority in the parliament


  8. Chegubard did not win but he gave the Ruling Son-in-Law a heck of a fright in a supposedly “safe” seat.

    Well done Jeff Ooi – all bloggers are liars according to Tengku Adnan, but I guess the good people of Jelutong believed your “lies” rather than other kind of lies.


  9. All politician are liers, believe in one or another makes no difference.

    Now let Jeff Ooi shows his true political agenda if he’s indeed a lier or not. People help you clean BN and you should clean the old unfair rules from carrying forward from BN to DAP. Change the Perak chief minister post to a Chinese. Change the Selangor CM to a Chinese. DAP you deserve it and has to win our trust. on Penang. You gain nothing, not even Perak? So do it now! Bring your guitar and clean up the mess!


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