What to do with an Anti-Blogger Government Expert

The blogging community in Indonesia is mighty pissed off over a certain Government expert and presidential advisor on technology who has been maligning bloggers as hackers and up to unsavory things.

Last night Minister for Information Muhammed Nuh met with bloggers and when asked what should be done about the so-called “expert” his advice was:

clipped from ndorokakung.com
“Saya kira komunitas blogger itu tak perlu distabilo. Sama sekali ndak ada niat kami untuk memusuhi. Kami justru ingin mendorong komunitas blogger sebagai pendorong dinamika baru, pencerahan masyarakat.

Kalau dirunut perjalanannya, di mana saya ikut terlibat, seperti yang pernah saya sampaikan pada Pesta Blogger 2007, saya bahkan mendorong blogger itu sebagai komunitas baru untuk menyebarkan fungsi pendidikan, pemberdayaan, dan memberi fungsi pencerahan masyarakat. Semua itu dikemas dalam bingkai membangun bangsa. Oleh sebab itu blogger itu part of our family.

“Ndak mungkin bapak menyembelih anaknya sendiri. Kalau ada kawan-kawan atau orang yang mengatakan bahwa blogger is our common enemy, ya harus dijawil. Saya kira nanti tugas kami yang akan menyampaikan bahwa ndak ada yg namanya musuh itu.

Kita justru membangun komunitas blogger ini bersama-sama.”

blog it

Nuh also consulted bloggers about what the Government should do with the controversial Dutch documentary Fitna. Unspun‘s colleague Hanny, who was at the meeting last night, will be updating us on what was actually said between Nuh and the bloggers last night.

Unspun supposes it would be too much for Malaysian ministers to eat humble pie and give Nuh a call for some advise on how to get bloggers on their side?


  1. After 50 years of selective brainwashing via the MSM, the end result is the typical stereotypes and wannabes. This has been proven time and again, before and after GE12, where the ‘so-called’ public servant’s would shoot freely from thier mouth and will always react rather than respond to criticism. How would one change the spot of a leopard?

    The difference between Malaysian and Indonesian ministers is the attitude and acceptance of constructive criticism of the latter and the ability to engage them positively.


  2. Seeing how much of a bad sore losers the BN is (revoking of Tourism Assistance for New Government (PR) States), the Malaysian Government would probably say we will REWARD Bloggers by RAISING THIER fees for Internet use.

    The way the Malaysian Government is carrying itself post Mar 8 is very shameful. UMNO’s unthinking acts are indeed bringing down the country. A quick glance at Malaysia Today will stop any investor cold in his tracks.

    Who wants to put their money in a country where you have “Superman” type Politicians who are above the Law. Or tenders awarded to the highest Bribe bidder?

    Oh, well, what do you expect, when these UMNO guys are so behind time, that they actually think that the calculator is the latest technological invention?

    Truly Asia, Truly Spastic


  3. “so-called” or “self-styled” perhaps this particular Presidential advisor needs to be called a little more often in public forums for the pronouncements that he makes!

    I don’t know, perhaps something along the lines of “after inputting the data my calculations show that there is a 91.62% chance that what I am about to say is not true and it is all fake!”


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