Of sleeping leaders

As we all know and the Malaysian Government keeps telling us, it’s all the fault of Mahathir. For what? Whatever.

The proof? See story below. If Mahathir had acted like SBY and, in his time, chastised upcoming leaders for sleeping on the job, the Barisan nasional would still be holding on to the two-thirds-majority, Malaysia wouldn’t be in the shits and bloggers would not be in elected offices. It’s all the Mamak’s doing!

clipped from www.thejakartapost.com

Sleeping forum participant outrages President

Desy Nurhayati ,�
The Jakarta Post ,�
Jakarta � | �Wed, 04/09/2008 11:20 AM� | �Headlines

The most valuable lesson learned by regional leaders at a five-week workshop at the National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas) might not be on leadership at all, but how to withstand sleepiness.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was speaking before 86 participants of the forum consisting of mayors, regents and leaders of regional legislative councils on Tuesday when he spotted a participant falling asleep.

Yudhoyono paused his speech and told the attendants, while pointing to the participant: “Wake him up. Go outside if you want to sleep.”

“How could a leader fall asleep while I am talking about how to develop our nation? You should be ashamed of the people who have elected you their leader,” he said.

“Be serious with your responsibility. I’m ordering Lemhannas not to pass participants with bad attitudes even if they are highly intelligent.”

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8 thoughts on “Of sleeping leaders

  1. yea..i heard about this. in a way he showed his firm attitude as a leader, great. in another way, it confirm his arrogance. in India he also once angry to an Indonesian student in a discussion forum after she wishepered to another student next to her when SBY talked. I don’t wana go to his lecture or class ah…


  2. Sleeping leader shows that he is too tired, no interest in his duty, not enlightened, no enthusiasm, no focus, no vision and so on. Thats why he always fell asleep. May he only have interest in accumulate his wealth. What happens to our belove country, Malaysia was due to our ex-PM’s ability not compromise on ideas, autocratic, arrogant eventhough he has had full vision. He will bulldoze away anything that against him and his thought. Then we have no capable leader him, no successor.

    After sometimes he would says ” I did not remember” as in Lingam’s video case. Evasive


  3. It’s so ironic; if any “opposition” was a vocal as Mahathir is today during Mahathir’s Regime, that individual would have been slapped by ISA

    And in Mahathir’s own words when asked about ISA being a violation of Human Rights, “…I know, but I did it and I got away with it. 🙂 ”

    I wonder why AAB Hasn’t given Mahathir the ISA treatment yet? He certainly knew how to use it for the Hindraf 5, whom BTW is dying in Hospital as we speak….


  4. @Michael: I think Mamadou makes a good point that is similar to this posting: that Mahathir must shoulder a lot of the blame because his personality was so strong and domineering, all upcoming leaders withered in his shadow. The best rebelled or got sacked, the worst resorted to surviving through genuflection and humoring him. ABB was a survivor.


  5. Yeah, we all know that. And at this point, is there really anyone running the country? It’s been more than a month, and still there’s in-fighting, in-breeding, and “You scold me, I scold you back” teenage girl-type bitching. But that’s about it.

    No one is running Malaysia now. The ship is sailing aimlessly into what’s possibly the worst economic disaster known in the History of Mankind.

    That daunting “Titanic” song echoes hauntingly in my mind, while flashing images of “Ghost Ship” taunt the most vile of thoughts as Malaysia sinks slowly and calmly beneath the cold icy lapping waves. Camera pulls back and pans slowly upward and points to the distant stars. Fade to Black.

    End Credits roll
    ” In loving Memory of a Country once called Malaysia”


  6. Haven’t read or heard the speech but maybe it was not worth being awake for?

    Maybe this person was some tired from working hard that a little shut eye could not be avoided…then again maybe they had a big night out the night before!

    Maybe being obviously asleep is better than having a captain with their eyes wide open but figuratively asleep at the wheel!

    Might be worth checking out the DPR building every now and then and see how full or empty (depending on whether you are “the glass is half full” or “the glass is half empty” type…This individual might have been asleep at a workshop and perhaps on the job but there are quite a few politicians not on the job at all!

    Not a uniquely Indonesian issue (and looking at the posts / comments Malaysia might also have soem issues on this front) as it wasnot so long ago that the former Australian Foreign Minister and now opposition back bencher, Alexander Downer, decided a long lunch and a game of golf were better options than hanging around in the chamber!

    It is pretty sad that this is headline news in a country where there are probably a whole range of more worthy subject matter for headlines in Jakarta’s English Language Newspaper!


  7. Michael Chick got it right. Last week AAB blame DrM, Ku Li, DSAI, and the traitors within UMNO. Why blame coz its won’t makes UMNO and government stronger. Remedy. Take action. ABB now infected with denial syndrome. Who running Malaysia now??? 4th Floor, or goes with the wind.

    Unspun, I’m interested in Malaysia and its politic coz I am Malaysian and used to live, wander, laugh and shout in Jakarta. Thanks


  8. @Rob: I think you make a very good point and opns up the question: “When the audience gets bored is it the fault of the speaker or presenter, or is it the fault of audiences.”

    Unspun has been to conferences where the audience was so bored rigor mortis sat in, yet the speaker went on in their interminable boredom.

    Leaders and others who have to speak should employ professionals to give them feedback. SBY is up there among the Snoresville luminaries.


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