Was YouTube restored because of bloggers’ feedback

Wicaksono, who was one of the bloggers who meet with Communications and Information Minister Muhammad Nuh, wonders if it is the bloggers’ feedback that promoted the Government to stop blocking YouTube and other social media.

The Government had earlier blocked YouTube, Multiply and other social network because some of them carried the controversial anti-Islam Dutch film Fitna.

clipped from ndorokakung.com

Entah karena komunitas IT sudah bertemu dengan Menteri Komunikasi dan Informasi M. Nuh Senin malam lalu, atau karena sebab lain, saya sudah bisa mengakses kembali situs Youtube dan Multiply melalui jaringan XL mulai tadi malam.

Dua situs itu, juga beberapa situs lain seperti Rapidshare dan MySpace, terblokade sejak Sabtu kelabu pekan lalu setelah Pak Nuh meminta semua anggota APJII dengan segala daya dan upaya membendung film Fitna di mana pun dia berada.

Saya menduga blokade dibuka karena pada pertemuan Senin malam itu ada salah satu petinggi XL yang ikut hadir.

Pada pertemuan itu, Pak Nuh menjelaskan bahwa pemerintah tak berniat menutup situs seperti Youtube. Sasaran pemerintah hanyalah film Fitna. Bahasa tubuhnya menyiratkan bahwa ia tak menduga akibat dari permintaan itu ternyata berekor panjang.

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4 thoughts on “Was YouTube restored because of bloggers’ feedback

  1. Perhaps! Bloggers and other commentators seem to have been succesful in pointing out that the Government missed the boat so to speak! Too little too late in terms of preventing Fitna entering Indonesia…

    A comment on my blog suggested that this was an expat driven thing in terms of expats jumping up and down about rights and freedom of expression and the like. However, I beg to differ in that I think the primary players (and more than likely only players) here were Indonesians and bloggers were chief among them…

    I did not attend the recent meeting (do not even know if I would have been invited had I wanted to) between the Minister and Bloggers. But, by all accounts it seems that it was a meeting with some intense and animated discussion. The point here is that the knowledge, the know-how, and the expertise on these matters is available locally and the talent is home-grown (some might be overseas educated but so what gitu lo! — who cares where they were educated?)…

    Simply, the cyber community at large will benefit from active Indonesian voices in this area!

    Besides, apparently no sooner had blocks gone into place, back doors opened to restore access. It is one of those are you smarter than a fifth grader things, and I am not! But I am told that getting around the blocks was something any 10-year old with some computer knowledge could do. True or not I do not know, but the point is that perhaps the Internet is going to be a much more difficult beast to contain than anyone might have previously imagined.



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