Here’s a well written and informative piece on Dolly, the quaintly named red light district of Surabaya that is touted as Asia’s largest of its kind.
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Timdog enthuses over the brothel district of “Dolly” in Surabaya.

Hello Dolly! – In Praise of Lokalisasi

On the high ground among the graveyards and working class kampungs above the Banyu Urip canal is Surabaya’s most notorious corner.

Mention the East Java capital to people anywhere in Indonesia and they are likely to rattle off a handful of associations: historical heroism, good food, violent soccer fans, and as often as not – with a snigger, a raised eyebrow and an obscene hand gesture

Dolly, mister, tahu Dolly? Sering ke Dolly, mister? (Nudge nudge, wink wink.)

For the upright, decent citizens of Surabaya it is a cause of some shame that their city is perhaps most famous as the home of a semi-mythical, much sniggered-over, much fantasised-about place: “Asia’s biggest red light district” – Dolly.

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