Some food, shelter…or a home?

Unspun, a lover of animals (yes, there is a soft, caring underbelly beneath the extreme skepticism, but don’t tell Dumbass that) was very touched by an email received this morning. If was forwarded from a certain Angie. It reads:

Dear friends,

Today several friends of mine went with my driver to the Jakarta ‘pound’. This is different from the animal shelter, the ‘pound’ is a separate facility run by the government.

My two friends are trying to establish a relationship with the ‘pound’ to ensure that animals (collected from the street or dumped there by owners) do not continue the needless suffering endured there, today also they were planning a big rescue of all cats who are on death’s doorstep.

At present the arrangement at this facility is that animals are never fed, only put in cages and left to die

Today when my friends and driver went to collect the vast number of very skinny sick cats which need to be humanely enthanized in order to stop their suffering, they were told they were unable to help (even though before being told they could)

At the ‘pound’, apart from the multiple cats (30plus) who are in terrible condition and need to be put out of their misery, there are also over 18 puppies,wondering what they have done to deserve such torment. Not being fed, just alone lying on wet concrete flooring in cages being left to die.

There are also multiple kittens that are urgently needing new homes. Please, if you can please forward this email to your contacts, perhaps someone out there might be willing to adopt one of these puppies or kittens before it’s too late for them. There eyes are filled with dread, and just pleading for someone to get them away fro this living hell.

Please see attached photos. (All kittens or puppies which people are interested in adopting (saving!) will be fostered first to ensure they are in optimal health before being transferred to new homes)

Thank you as always for forwarding this email. Word of mouth is the strongest form of communication.


Unspun asked from Cheri, the forwarder of the e-mail message if he could blog about it so that all 5.23 readers of this blog could know about it and maybe help and this is Cheri’s reply:

Please, anything you can do is a help. The pound Angie is referring
to is “Dinas”, it is in front of the animal shelter Pondok Pengayom
Satwa. They get so many animals dumped there every day, yesterday
they got 9 dogs. They are not fed or given water, previously they
were allowing outsiders to come in & feed but if outsiders do not
come, they get nothing. They claim they do not have the obat to
suntik mati, so pretty much animals can starve to death in their
cages. There were over 20 puppies there, some with no mother and
just laying on wet floor shaking.

Some wit once said that the humanity of a civilization is measured by how it treats its animals. So what are we going to do about it?

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