Not all Chinese in Southeast Asia are rich and in Indonesia there are many poor ethnic Chinese. Some of them are concentrated in Singkawang that has traditionally “produced” wives for sale to men from Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, China and where there are pockets of ethnic Chinese.

Unspun bets that the bridegrooms in this case are as old and unsavory as the old unsavory Westerners preying on young nubile Asian women that we often see. But if it makes them both happy, who’s to say its wrong?

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How to Get a Wife in Singkawang

Most of the men who come to Singkawang looking for young women to marry are from Taiwan, China, Malaysia, or Singapore. These men arrive, get in touch with a broker, the broker then approaches a family with a suitably aged girl and generally offers the parents about five million rupiah (a bit over $500) for her.

The overseas men of course pay the broker much more than this figure, with one 2006 Singapore source suggesting the fee is around 30 million rupiah (about $3,000). Often a time period is stipulated in the contract as well, like two or five years, or sometimes very short periods, and often there is in fact no legal marriage. [2]

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