Leave my handbag alone

Apparently there have been a spate of purse snatchings in Jakarta so the US Embassy has put out this message to their citizens. Others pay heed as purse snatchers are nationality agnostic…

There have been several purse snatchings throughout Jakarta in recent weeks. The thefts have occurred during the day in crowded areas of the city including malls, markets, and restaurants, and the victims were usually women. Gangs of both men and women work together to scope out potential victims and distract them while attempting to steal their purse or items inside the purse.  Here are a few tips on how to safeguard personal property when out in the city:

*       Always keep your bag zipped or locked and the clasps facing your body when walking.
*       Always keep a hand on your bag. Instead of setting it on a chair at a restaurant, keep it in your lap or between your feet under the table.
*       Be aware of your surroundings. Trust your instincts if you are approached and it feels suspicious.
*       Know where the security personnel are standing.
*       Don’t be afraid of making a lot of noise or creating a scene if you do see yourself or someone else being robbed.
*       Don’t keep a lot of money or valuable items in your purse when you are out.

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