Keystone cops, stoned government

Why is it so very hard for the Government to act decisively and for the police to enforce the law, even when public opinion is behind them?

Where most Indonesians are concerned the FPI is a group of thugs using Islam as an excuse to intimidate and visit voilence on others for their own gain.

So it is a wonder why the Gvernment cannot act stright away to been the organization and the police cannot arrest the offender straight away. The police has had to give ultimatums to the FPI to hand in their members. This is sheer nonsense, the only language that the people in FPI know is force. if the government has no will to use it then the FPI will behave like dogs that do not know their master. They’ll climb over all and sundry.

The Press is also to be blamed for this sad state of affairs. One of their crimes is not exposing the issue as it is. The venerable and doddering Kompas, for instance, today talked about the police warning about “horizontal conflict.”

What does that mean? A couple having a domestic in bed? Essentially what we have are thugs whacking the shit out of members of another group. If the police cannot put a stop to it the other group will seek revenge and we’ll have a gang war. Horizontal conflict my ass.

The press is also guilty of not shaming the police into action. Wouldn’t it be great if they adopted the idea from the latest issue of Fortune highlighting corporate convicts (see photo)?

Only instead of corporate convicts they should feature pseudo-religious thugs, where are they now. Unspun’s bet is that if it ran a gallery of photos of pseudo-religious gangster convicts it would be a very short gallery. It may not even have a single person in the lineup, which is fine. The Press, if it has any imagination can run a gallery of empty spaces. That would speak volumes.

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The government came under fire Tuesday for the failure to arrest leaders and members of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) over an attack on activists at the National Monument (Monas).
Lawmakers, legal experts and activists also demanded the government quickly disband the FPI, arguing that under the law, the group’s actions at Monas could be classified as disturbing the peace and causing insecurity in the community.
House of Representatives Speaker Agung Laksono slammed the government’s stance against the FPI, saying police should have promptly detained the perpetrators.
“It (the attack) is not the first time. If the government had taken strong action against them, then violence like this would not have been repeated,” he said.
Legal expert Frans H. Winarta said all FPI members involved in Sunday’s assault should be arrested for breaching the Criminal Code.
“It was a collective attack for which police must arrest all those involved, including their leaders,” he said.
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