Torpedo Festival


Read why a particular festival makes the sassy Rima Fauzi all “tingly and excited” with anticipation and excitement.
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Testicle Festival

The title of this particular news had me feeling all tingly and excited. When I was about to click and read it, shivers went down my spine in anticipation and excitement. Apparently my idea of testicle festival is a different one from this festival organizers.
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4 Comments Add yours

  1. rimafauzi says:

    unspun, way to make something boring all spiced up.. lol


  2. unspun says:

    @Rima: All spiced up? Didn’t know they served torpedo vindaloo at the festival;)


  3. rimafauzi says:

    I have finally blogrolled you, wanted to do it since forever but always seemed to forget doing so. 🙂


  4. unspun says:

    @Rimzy: Thanks a ton darl. Likewise and have blogrolled you too:)


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