Smart glove, iron hand

Doing business in Indonesia is more difficult that most people think, as one Malaysian company has found out.
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Malaysian firm fires workers for forming union

Apriadi Gunawan ,  The Jakarta Post ,  Medan   |  Wed, 06/11/2008 10:37 AM  |  The Archipelago

A foreign company in Medan, North Sumatra, has reportedly dismissed workers for planning to form a labor union at their work place.

The 97 dismissed workers filed a report to the Malaysian consulate in Medan on Tuesday, over the move by Malaysian-based PT Smart Glove Indonesia.

They urged Malaysian consulate general Fauzi Omar to demand company director Alan Wong to reinstate all the dismissed workers.

A member of the workers’ advocacy team, Bambang Hermanto, said Alan Wong’s move to dismiss the workers was against the existing law, adding that the 1945 Constitution guarantees freedom of association.

The action, he said, also broke the law because the company above had prevented workers from working despite their initial approval from the Industrial Affairs Court.

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