Blogger or blogee?

Dunno what Rocky’s on about with the posting below but to Unspun the message to businesses seems to be obvious: blog or be blogged.

In the former, Business can hope to have some control of the conversation; in the latter they can only hope that it won’t hurt too much as they grin and bear it.

clipped from
The rise of Business Blogs and Bandit’s take on Slime Darby
Sime Darby Watch has been on my “Politics Anonymous” blogroll for months before the current mess that’s dragging down our corporate golliath. But even before SDW, Malaysian business blogs have been making their presence felt. I am a follower of some of them for months and I would like to share them with you by developing a new category of blogroll on Business Blogs.
I’ll start with 10, including SDW. Most of them are Anonymous, obviously due to the need to protect the corporations they work for during the day.
If you are put off by “business”, don’t make the mistake of thinking that these Biz Blogs are boring.

Telco Talk’s latest posting, for example, is Celcom got raided by Jakim.

Malaysia-Finance Blogspot knows how to spice up a serious blog with Advice for Bloggers and lovely business models (left) and wonderful audio selection.
  blog it

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