Oh, for a Muse of Fire…

What happens when the Muse takes hold of hard-nosed journalists used to the daily grind of reporting terrorist threats, inane political goings on, protests and corruption cases. The result is a rather, er, entertaining invite to the Jakarta Foreign Correspondents Club’s social, the 3T tonight.

The question all this prose raises is should journalists be given poetic license at all or if they should heed the advice of Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch to budding writers: “Kill you little darlings”? Reg’s events. Regardless, it’s a good effort to spice up the JFCC’s events though.

The JFCC’s regular third Thursday drinks is on as usual this week in the salubrious setting of Face Bar with free flow on beer, house spirits and mixers, juice and soft drinks between 6pm and 8.30pm.

There will also be 30 per cent off house wines and a selection of finger food to nibble on, but perhaps most importantly, there will be a lot of tall tales told by a lot of short people.

Members of the fourth estate hear plenty of utter balderdash in the course of sifting through the sands of the hourglass that are the days of our lives, but it’s not always that we get to repeat with any certainty these half-truths and outright lies.

It’s time all that changed. Sometimes we just have to make a space where the liminal relationship between truth and fiction is Indiana Jones driving straight over three giant waterfalls and never once losing that dropkick lopsided grin of his.

Third Thursday, or 3T as we call it to sound a bit more modern and funky — ‘edgy’, as the young folk like to say, without realising that even Adam Ant was also, once, ‘edgy’, long before he made the especially edgy connection between carburettors and pub windows — is one of those occasions.

So come and let your hair down, or anything else you care to let down, safe in the knowledge that what goes on in Face Bar, stays in Face Bar. Except for the bits that get captured on mobile phone cameras belonging to prime ministerial spokesmen.

In which case there’ll probably be some intense discussions over the real value of information. Non members welcome, so long as they understand the concept of Chatham House rules and are prepared to sail too close to the wind.

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An eternal student of persuasion, communication and crisis management skills, with a propensity to unspin spins

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