Coming clean about Blue Energy

Critics jealous of the incredible Blue Energy discovery may finally be silenced.

The scalawag duo of the Indonesian blogosphere, Ndoro Kakung and Paman Tyo have discovered that Blue Energy is already being sold and marketed, although the retailer, Maks and Sparks have been so naive they use it for showers instead of powering cars.

All this, as a reader in Ndoro’s blog noted, raises a disturbing question: is the chairman of Pesta Blogger ’08 sharing shower gels with Paman Tyo? What else are they sharing?

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Blue Energy Pecas Ndahe

Siapa bilang Blue Energy itu proyek dusta? Siapa bilang presiden kita tertipu? Paman Tyo, bukan Djoko Suprapto van Nganjuk itu, berhasil membuktikan bahwa Blue Energy benar-benar ada, bisa dipakai, bahkan sudah diperjual-belikan sejak lama.

blue energy
[foto: Paman Tyo]

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