BBC NEWS | Magazine | Decoding local government lingo

If you are from one of those sustainable communities who hold symposiums on engagement and welcome holistic governments (and wonder what the hell it all means) read the article clipped here and see if you can unspin the NGO-ese:

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Decoding local government lingo: “Decoding local government lingo

‘Holistic governance’ is apparently unrelated to massage

Councils are being discouraged from littering their bumf with cliches and jargon. But where did this lingo come from?
1. Sustainable communities
Sustainability made its debut as a government buzzword in a World Commission on Environment and Development report, published in April 1987. Now the word permeates government – we are encouraged to adopt sustainable living initiatives, invest in sustainable energy and think sustainable development. But Richard Stokoe, Head of News at the Local Government Association (LGA), says ‘sustainable communities’ is ‘meaningless phraseology’ because it can mean anything to anyone. In May 2007, Sutton Council announced that it wanted to ‘turn an entire community into one large sustainable suburb’. Mr Stokoe fails to see the relevance, wryly asking: ‘Why, was it sinking?'”

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