I’m too sexy for my lipstick – and high-heels

Here we go again with another feat that merits Unspun’s shit-for-brains tag.

New Malaysia: Kota Baru bans lipsticks and high-heels: “Kota Baru bans lipsticks and high-heels
This is bizarre. The Kota Baru Municipal Council has issued an order to ban female workers of the MBKB and permit holders from putting on lipsticks or wearing high-heels. High heels, it seems, are too noisy with its squeaky sound and they are a distraction. Lipsticks are even more dangerous and provocative – to men, that is. According to the council president Shafie Ismail the directive was issued to prevent rapes and other immoral activities.The directive has been issued to MBKB staff and workers at restaurants and other premises, which required permits from the council. That would probably include supermarkets. That’s the whole of Kota Baru! Tony Pua has blogged about the obsession of the PAS government with dressing.”

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