Romenesko and the Dawning of Gossip Journalism

This is a fascinating story about Jim Romensko and the dawn of gossip journalism. A great read for anyone with interest in journalism, new media, gossip and how it is all meshing together.

Read also what’s going to replace the currently perceived need of people for quality information.

Romenesko and the Dawning of Gossip Journalism: “Back in 1999, I was at the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank in St. Petersburg, Florida, when Jim Romenesko was introduced as Poynter’s newest hire. Sandy Rowe, editor of the Oregonian, in Portland, was there too, along with a venerable prof from Columbia’s journalism school. As ink-stained traditionalists, we were aflutter about Poynter president Jim Naughton’s nervy decision to hire an obscure gossip blogger to increase traffic on Poynter’s dignified website. Poynter called our little group of visiting editors its advisory board, which meant we got a free trip to sunny Tampa Bay every January. Little did we suspect that in the person of Romenesko, a shy journalism nerd from Wisconsin, we were looking at the future—or at least the next decade.
I found Romenesko recently, where he begins every day, in his home office. Since he inhabits a virtual world, it was a virtual interview. I watched the famously reclusive blogger on my computer via an iChat video hookup that let him see me as I asked questions about the death of American newspapers”

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