Shame and tragedy

Someone once said that the difference in corruption between Indonesia and elsewhere is that in Indonesia there is an absolute lack of a sense of shame accompanying the act.

Reading this story about Eric Chia (especially the last paragraph) , once close associate of Mahathir, makes you wonder how Eric’s children would behave if they were in Indonesia.

How many super-affluent Indonesians out there, Unspun sometimes wonders, are spending money from ill gotten gains of their fathers. How many actually wortk themselves up to be ashamed of their father’s deeds. Or do they close an eye and keep driving that Ferari?

Tok Mommy: Perwaja’s Eric Chia dies: “Perwaja’s Eric Chia dies
Former Perwaja Steel Sdn Bhd managing director Tan Sri Eric Chia Eng Hock died at about 9am Tuesday at a hospital in Sungai Petani after having developed breathing difficulties.

In June last year, the 74-year-old tycoon was acquitted in the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court of committing criminal breach of trust 13 years ago.

Judge Akhtar Tahir acquitted him of misappropriating RM76.4mil from Perwaja Rolling Mill and Development Sdn Bhd in his capacity as its managing director on Feb 19, 1994.

The judge also acquitted Chia of an alternative charge of dishonestly disposing of Perwaja’s funds by entering into an agreement with NKK Corporation, Japan, and authorising the RM76.4mil to be paid into the account of Frilsham Enterprise Inc with the American Express Bank Ltd, Hong Kong.

He had been accused of doing so without the approval of the board of directors of Perwaja Rolling Mill and Development Sdn Bhd.

The judge ruled the prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case against Chia. The prosecution has filed an appeal against the decision.

The wheelchair-bound Chia, upon his acquittal, told the press then that vindication had come too late. He said he had lost his family and was estranged from his son and daughter because of the shame. – The Star”

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