Inhaling and flying

The voice of, like, reason? Maybe AirAsia can learn something from this, considering how many delayed flights they have. Also good for covering up bad service and unfriendly staff. Everyone can Smoke.


Stoners, Like, Totally Solve Nation’s Air Travel Problems | Autopia from “Stoners, Like, Totally Solve Nation’s Air Travel Problems
By Chuck Squatriglia June 25, 2008 | 2:53:24 PMCategories: Air Travel, Airports, Autopia WTF? Dept.
Air travel is a total hassle, man, and marijuana advocates in Denver say everyone would find the normally excruciating process a lot more pleasant if they could enjoy a few bong hits before boarding. It might even help solve a few of the problems that airlines have been experiencing lately. The way they see it, if people can knock a few back before a flight, they should be able to spark one up. They’re calling on airports nationwide to install marijuana lounges.
‘All we’re saying is, in light of the fact drunk and disorderly incidents on airplanes are becoming more common, it really makes sense to allow adults the choice to use marijuana,’ says Mason Tvert, executive director of Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation, the organization calling for the lounges. ‘There’s no rational reason our government would allow people to use alcohol and not use marijuana.'”

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