Coffee boy, spy, sodomy

Malaysia is now abuzz with speculation whether the man who filed a police report alleging sodomy charges against Anwar Ibrahim was a plant from the Deputy Prime Minister’s office.

“Proof” of this connection comes in the form of photos of the accuser, Saiful Bukhari Azlan, posing for a photo with an official from the Deputy Prime Minister’s office. There are also testimonies from Umno members that Saiful, was by their accounts nothing more than a coffee boy or OB, that they suspected that he was s spy planted in their midst, from “the other side.”

Some things do not make sense though. Given Anwar’s ambition, even if he was so inclined, would he have taken the risk of sodomizing someone? Especially after he had been accused of the same by Mahathir some years ago?

If not then what does all of this say about politics in Malaysia? It used to be a matter of pride in Malaysia that politics there was more or less civilized. The most extreme measure was the ISA.You got slammed into Kemunting detention center but everyone knew it was for political reasons and there was no stigma to it. Now the game seems to be dirtier, darker and the stakes higher.

No wonder Unspun’s friends, a wonderful family who’s been in jakarta for the past tw years or so, are dreading to return to Malaysia.


rocky’s bru: Coffee Boy, engaged and in blue: “Coffee Boy, engaged and in blue

Saiful Bukhary (left, in blue), who lodged a police report against Anwar, has been to the DPM’s office and is pictured here with a friend who works at the DPM’s office. Read some very colorful comments in RPK’s Malaysia Today here.

Mr Manager alerted me to this pic and another of Saiful and his tunang. They were engaged last month. Click here for Vernon the Mr Manager’s take on the ‘coffee boy’.”

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