The sodomized, the fiancee and her blog: what lies behind?

Malaysian politics is definitely getting very interesting to watch indeed. Two days ago Opposition figure Anwar Ibrahim was alleged by Saiful to have sodomized him.

On that same day Saiful’s fiancee Janna blogs about how she will stand by “his side thru it all.” She says that there is a monstrous battle that is looming ahead and they will weather it out.

Unspun is not at all the cynical type but others, who have watched films like Wag The Dog, would surely want to read more in Janna’s postings and blog than simply the declarations of a faithful fiancee.

These cynical people would no doubt want to call attention to the relatively short time that she has been

blogging – since June – and insinuate that the blog was started as part of the rearguard action against Anwar.

These same cynics would also want to infer, without proof of course, that if you were the casting director of a movie about how to set up someone politically you’d use a good looking couple like Saiful and Jannah (see their photos in previous post).

The cynics would, but Unspun wouldn’t, being the trusting sort he is. Unspun thinks that This is a case of a young couple in love caught in the midst of political forces beyond their control. Hmmmm… maybe a movie remake grafting parts of Wag the Dog and the Perfect Storm?

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Monday, June 30, 2008

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Thru the storm

our engagement photos have been widespread in various blogs since 2 days ago. wat was supposed to be one of our own privately cherished memories are now being used as tools to further fuel speculations by irrespensible parties. for those who stood up for me, i give my greatest thanks. but i say again, i will stand by his side thru it all. our engagement photos being posted on blogs is just d tip of d iceberg. i am well aware of the monstrous battle that is looming ahead. we will weather it out. insyallah we will come thru alright. no matter how long it takes. justice will prevail.
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  1. It would make a good script for a soap opera!

    It does have that orchestrated feel to it as well, don’t you think?


  2. @freeze: this is interesting. Unspun would be very curious to know what drives Jannah and Saiful. What motivates them? What do they consider success? How do they interact with their friends? Do they live within their means or above their means? So many questions that perhaps only bloggers acting collectively can fill.


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