The way we were

Maverick, where Unspun pretends to work at, held its annual gathering for the media last Thursday. It’s a fun and sometimes silly thing we do but every year, for one day, we all dress up in strange costumes according to a theme for the day. This year’s theme was the &)s, that era of free love, bad, unruly haircuts, stuff to inhale and ingest and some groovy music.

Some journalists and top executives of the local papers turned up. Below is a photo of one of them. Guess who he/she was (hint: not Barbara Streisand):

A few representatives of the journalist-blogging community were there too:

And there was even an Austin Powers look alike too. The poseur:

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  1. My God!!!!… the second picture… Is he Wicaksono?, Koran Tempo????


    *rolling on the floor, laughing*


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