Chun Wai seems to have a worthwhile idea to consider. Just imagine what a big noise bloggers could do if they collectively flexed the muscles for the next 24 hours and told the politicians to go where the sun don’t shine? Perhaps someone should design a banner or button for bloggers to express their solidarity at the idiocy in high offices?

New Malaysia: Sick, tired and fed up: “Sick, tired and fed up
I think the majority of us are pretty sick and tired over the events of the past few days. There is only so much lies one can take. We should not let ourselves to be used, or led to believe to anything, by these power crazy politicians. It doesn’t matter whether they want to grab power or stay in power, the bottom line is that we all have lives to lead. Not lies to lead. There are more urgent matters that require our attention. At least for the next 24 hours, let’s spend our day well without any discussion about anal sex and that unbelievable P.Balasubramaniam, forget the politicians who only use us to fulfill their selfish ambitions. We have been taken in by all these allegations and counter allegations of sodomy, I think we have lost sight of what we are as Malaysians. Marina Mahathir share the same thoughts. Fellow bloggers are marking the 100th day of the March 8 elections with a gathering. I urge them to post their disgust at our politicians and ignore all these press statements, press conferences and their lies, excuses and explanations for the next 24 hours. Readers, share your feelings at the state of our politics in solidarity.”

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One thought on “Sick, tired and fed up in the New Malaysia

  1. Hi HC…

    Re: your previous post I have another thing that’s bothering me with Bala’s 1st SD. I mean, come on, can Bala, a regular PI with I presume limited English, come up with that rather elegant “susceptible to anal” phrase? The only thing I can think of is he had heard it verbatim. Then it begs the question: from who? The horses’ mouth (ARB)? Or was he “coached”? I don’t know, so many holes in these stories, bro’.


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