Looks like an interesting bitchfight shaping up here.

Hey Mister! – Journal by The Lightbeamers, MD.: “Hey Mister! I think your wife is a bitch.
Because she has been bitching in my blog and maybe in everyone else’s too.
As I am never been married, I really cannot understand the pain she is going through and why she lacks wisdom and happiness in her life. This is none of my business and I assume you’ll understand about this more. Perhaps she is being who she is because you treat her like shit.
I suggest you make her stop before she is making a bitch out of every other person she cannot be in life.
This is the first warning for me. Because some people is going to bash her blog in return if she still behaves the way she behaves, regardless you and your children.
Marisa Duma”

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20 thoughts on “Bitchfight on?

  1. Please view the complete text at original post.

    And you might also want to add this:

    But I will definitely minimize my expectation of other bloggers. They generally have different orientation, different purpose in blogging, and they shouldn’t have to deny it in the first place.

    Sheesh. The next thing I know, I’d be posting cooking recipes in my blog. Just for what people assume as traffic.

    To make this easier to understand, please google the phrase: cyber activism. Cyber activism also has been using blogs as the media. Given the choice, cyber activists-to-be would prefer to be appreciated as cyber activists, rather than bloggers. Why? With all due respect, maybe because some content are just too damn heavy, too damn diplomatic, or too damn refined for (the majority of) bloggers.

    As a matter of fact, why don’t Pesta Blogger create a new category of blogging: CYBER ACTIVISM? I bet there are great young bloggers out there that are also concerned with politics and social issues in the country or even internationally, right? And I am quite sure that these bloggers have better content and resources more than I do.

    Comments from Pak Fatih Syuhud’s blog.

    Sometimes I envy niche blogs in other countries, such as US or Europe, because they don’t have to explain these things over and over again. They simply understand how it works.

    Thanks for the link, but can you provide an analysis of your own regarding this matter?


  2. On second thought.
    Nevermind the analysis, nevermind the niche blogging. I wouldn’t want to encourage more bitching married bloggers coming into the site.

    Thanks anyways, pak Ong!


  3. There’s a huge difference between bloggers that desire attention only to themselves & bloggers that desire attention to certain causes.
    In this case the first group lacks understanding about the latter.. this is quite obvious from the comments in Journal by The Lightbeamers blog.
    Perhaps because the first group tend to sound negative about the posts? Not sure if that is intentional or not.
    My guess is Marisa’s referring to a certain blogger tho, I think she envies Marisa’s consistency in blogging. Hope it helps clarifying the subject.


  4. @ Za

    No, I don’t think she envies me. What’s to envy about me?
    She has also been consistent in disrespecting everything I’ve written. The blogosphere is all about them, you know. They’re so full of themselves and they assume everything in this world is about them. Now that’s what I call confidence! Even though that’s what some call as delusion of grandeur.

    @ topic

    Anyhow, Ong Hock Chuan, sir.
    I am actually a bit offended that you call this situation as a bitchfight. Because indirectly, you’ve referred female bloggers as bitches. Now, you don’t want any of our local pseudo-feminists to come barging in here and release their PMS angst at you, right?

    But I’m just gonna leave it at that.
    The more I try to reason with it, the more I’m sure that the Almighty Intellectual Bloggers have a whole different logical perception in everything. And the view is quite fuzzy from down here.


  5. MD…

    Being a more recent reader of your blog maybe I am missing the necessary background on the whole thing so will not pass comment.

    If you could point me in the right direction to which blog entries on your blog I should be looking at then that would be appreciated. Not so that I can participate in the slap down that is likely to eventuate but just so I can be a little more knowledeable about what’s going on.

    I would have made the request directly on your post but comments are off 😀

    Hey, I am married and still in the thirty somethings (just). I appreciate that your blog is aimed at a certain demographic but I still can see the point and the issues you choose to blog about although I might not always agree with your take on things does not mean that I think we could not enter into discussion on the issues.

    The last I heard about you was that you were thinking of pulling the plug on this blogging thing and devoting your time to other pursuits. I hope that you reconsider because I quite enjoy reading your take on the world…

    Unspun…my apologies for making this post through your blog.


  6. @Marisa: Its a frightening to have any feminist, pseudo or otherwise, release their PMS angst at anyone.

    Why would “bitchfight” not be an appropriate word? It refers more to the modus of the fight, not the gender of the protagonists. Men can also get into a bitchfight so I think the sexist allusion is not very valid here.

    @Rob: Always welcome 🙂 Unspun is here to serve 😉


  7. wow, I am getting more and more intrigued as to who this married blogger that has been bitching in marisa’s blog is.
    so intrigued that i went to her blog, rad comments from her latest entry up to like page 11 .. and haven’t found any bitchy comments yet..

    marisa, did you delete them? ah.. you are depriving the rest of us from knowing what it is this blogger wrote.. lol


  8. oh unspun, you are as bad as i am!!! lol

    this time around, summer here is like autumn. the temperature is between 11 and 23 and it rains all day.

    this bitchfight/catfight might be just the thing to raise the temperature. lol

    no, but really.. i dont really like bitchfights, but am a little bit curious as to who the bitch who bitches in other people’s blog is.


  9. @Anita, Rims: went to Therry says but couldn’t see what the fuss is about. I must be an insensitive man and therefore oblivious to the cause of it all. What, me stir? Hehehe.


  10. unspun, if you go to therry’s entry me and her, and read comments no 22 which is the root of the problem and reply no 23 which is the ‘bitch’ in question’s reply, you will know what it is about. lol


  11. ah btw unspun, i think we should all take a breather in this situation and not make things worse for all the direct parties involved. im just gonna focus on my work and some topics i have in my head for my next posts..

    nomore bitchfights for me from now on… 😉

    you take care!


  12. Eh, isn’t it a coward act, after posting something weird like this “Hey, Mister”, now the post has gone from the original blog? I thought it’s considered one of the ethics to never taking down our post from our blog after we publish it? just wonder what’s this hooha all about, really.


  13. It’s also cowardly to trash about other people’s blog just because that person did not have the guts to confront directly the one she had problems with.


  14. Ha! Unspun could smell a bitchfight a mile away. It looks like there’s been one, although more bitching than fighting because it all seems one sided. Chill, Sistas.


  15. whoa… whoa… what the heck is this?
    I wouldn’t want to encourage more bitching married bloggers coming into the site.
    why the hatred towards married bloggers?

    i may not know what’s going on from the beginning, probably better me to stay off anyway. but stereotyping married bloggers?


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