Another Explosion in Bali

Malaysian Michael Chick was in Bali today when the explosion occurred at about 3pm. This is his first hand account and the photos he took. His report was apparently picked up by Channel News Asia. He sent Unspun this riveting account.

Explosion in Bali

written by Michael Chick

9th July 4pm 2008

An explosion shook the earth not more than 300meters from Planet Hollywood in Bali today. shattered glass splinters peppered the street and the entire parking area just in front of no:18, jalan Setia Budi, in Kuta, Bali Today. 4 Police CSI vans were rushed to the scene. Fearing it was another terrorist attack on peaceful Bali again.

The explosion took out the entire front glass facade of this shoplot next to the busy street feeding traffic to the favourite destination of Kuta. In fact, this is not more than 1 km away from Ground Zero during the horrible Bali Bombing. (The Malaysian Bomb Maker, Azahari Husin, has been duly executed)

However, today’s explosion was merely a domestic mishap caused by a faulty gas valve on a gas tank. There were no fatalities, and only a few innocent bystanders were bruised by the showering glass which spewed onto the streets in front.

The Police have still barricaded the area, and is off limits to the public, and even to members of the press. Bali does not need any further bad publicity. It is important that the Media portrays this right. Channel NewsAsia, of Singapore carried this story at 5pm today. MediaCorp will run its publication in its newspapers tomorrow (Sat).

It is an unfortunate event. But fortunate, in the sense that no one really got too severely injured. The handful who were, have been whisked to the hearby Sanglah Hospital.

Michael Chick is researching domestic poverty issues, in tandem with the Aids Research Council in Bali.

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